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  • January 2018
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Blessings in the blues

Ah, the holiday season. And now a new year is upon us. Somehow, it’s the time of year our world is more clearly seen in stark contrasts: gratitude and joy and unity versus the obvious pain, hatred and violence all around us. The big question is, how do we, in integrity and wholeness, live our lives? How will we grow through the holiday blues — living in integrity and wholeness, expressing our light, which will help human kind bring forth solutions that enable us to move forward? Or will we continue in the same cycles of anger, fear, and hatred — cycles that may allow us to be right but will never allow us to be at peace?

A true story: Shirley Johnson had not seen her son, Dennis, who at the time was 24 years old, for ten years except for one or two brief encounters that were hostile and very unfulfilling. When Dennis was 14, there was a very bitter and acrimonious divorce, and he and his father went to live in another state. The husband since has admitted that he systematically poisoned his son’s mind against the mother, Shirley. To the degree that Dennis had no desire or intention to see or be a part of his mother’s life.

For those of us who have had some of those kinds of experiences, we know the wounds run deep. So Shirley says, “I had tried everything. I prayed, wrote, called, there’s absolutely no bridge.” Then for three years, every day, she began to pray the “Child of Light Prayer” that I had given her. She never prayed that Dennis would come home, only that he would find himself. Every day for 3 years!

Child of Light Prayer by May Rowland

“Child of light, I bless you. I think of you. I pray for you. Not in terms of what I think you need or what I think you should do or be or express. I lift up my thoughts about you. I catch a new vision of you. I see you as you truly are: a holy child of light. I see you guided and directed by an inward spirit that leads you unerringly into paths that are just right for you. I see you strong and whole. I see you blessed and prospered. I see you courageous and confident. I see you capable and successful. I see you free from all limitation or bondage of any kind. I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are. Child of light, I bless you.”

Thanksgiving one year ago, out of the blue, Shirley got a phone call from Dennis. He called to make his amends and to beg forgiveness after his father had told him what he had done. Yet there was no need — his mother was already at peace. It was as if those 13 years had never happened. All the work had been done in consciousness. Both Shirley and Dennis were overwhelmed with joy. And so Dennis made travel plans, he took two weeks off from work, and went home to Michigan on Dec. 6 last year. Mother and son had a great time together. On Dec. 14, Shirley got violently ill, Dennis took her to the doctor’s office, and two hours later she was in the emergency room for a radical hysterectomy. She then began chemo for cancer. All the time, Dennis was there, loving his mom, supporting her. And to this day, they continue their healed and loving relationship.

May we dedicate all thought to union of mind and heart, and unconditionally accept the gift already within us — the peace of God. “You have been given the Peace of God — go in Peace. Spread peace throughout the land. Go out in peace and love and service to all. For in this going out you come home and bring with you all the brothers and sisters you have brought to peace. Go in peace to love and serve with all your heart. Thus are we one heart, one mind, one unity. Thus are we one in a relationship of love and peace that is our eternal home.” —A Course of Love


By Steve Colladay

There is a place in you where the Love of God resides;

There is a place in you where peace lives forever;

There is a place in you where you know your oneness with all that is;

There is a place in you where you know no fear;

There is a place in you where you know.

There is a place in you.

There is a place.

There is.



Steve Colladay

Rev. Dr. Steve Colladay is the Transitional Minister for Unity of Appleton. Unity of Appleton invites you to join us for Celebration services in our new church location, 1366 Appleton Rd, Menasha, with Sunday school/child care at 10 a.m. Sunday mornings. For more details on future class and program offerings starting this month, please check out our website or Unity of Appleton’s Facebook page.

Rev. Steve Colladay, an ordained Unity minister, is a transitional services specialist and ministry skills consultant with the Ministry Skills Team of Unity Worldwide Ministries, Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He has served as a senior minister for 21 years in 4 Unity ministries, and 3 years as a transitional ministry specialist. Steve is a pianist, composer and a producer of programs for stress management and mental conditioning techniques for veterans, first responders, and athletes. An avid marathon runner, he has completed 29 marathons, and four 36-mile ultra-marathons.


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