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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • January 2018
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Jane tries halotherapy for respiratory issues

Fellow Wisconsinites, winter is officially here! Along with the weather advisories, poor travel conditions and increased heating costs comes the unfortunate colds, flu, and a host of other respiratory ailments. All which can take a toll on a person’s energy, social life and general sense of well-being. 

I have been blessed with a strong immune system that has always protected me from the worst the season has to offer. But recently as family members and friends started coming down with coughs, colds and sinus infections, they spread their germs my way to the point I actually woke up coughing with a scratchy throat and sniffles. My congestion has lasted a couple of weeks as of this writing. 

I love researching different treatments and recently found one known for being effective for respiratory issues called halotherapy, or salt therapy. I checked out all of the talking points and was still a little skeptical. Although I have always told my kids at the first sign of a sore throat to mix up a salt water solution and gargle, I never knew why — it was just what my mother taught me and her mother before her and so on. That’s when the light bulb in my head went on and I thought, “Well if it works for sore throats, someone smarter than me must have figured out how to use salt in other ways.” I decided to book my appointment for a salt therapy session at The Salt Room Appleton. 

When I called to make an appointment I mentioned that I had been struggling with congestion that hadn’t gone away, and that I was afraid I had a cold but nothing worse than that. Not wanting to spread germs, the owner, Sheryl Bauer, assured me that there was no reason not to come in because the salt is a natural antibacterial and that between sessions they disinfect the rooms with an ultraviolet light. Between that and the salt there is no fear of spreading disease. 

When I got to the The Salt Room Appleton I filled out a brief questionnaire and Lisa took me to the back area where I was given a see-through plastic case for my cell phone to protect it. I was also given a locker to lock my valuables inside during my session. Since I happened to have neon green socks on, I put on a pair of protective booties to protect them. 

The salt room was picturesque! It was like being in a large arctic cave (without the cold) and a beach at the same time. The floor was covered with white salt crystals, which is just like walking on a beach. At the same time the walls are sprayed with a thick layer of salt, which makes you feel like you are in an arctic cavern. They have a lineup of six zero gravity chairs to sit in with tissues and a small garbage can by each chair (you’ll see why this is important in the next paragraph!). I settled in with a light blanket to cover my clothes from the salt and Lisa explained to me how they would blow in the pulverized salt through a vent in the wall. She said some people even like to nap during their 45-minute session. She then put on some soft, spa-like music and dimmed the lights. And then my session began.

At first, I was busy checking and answering work emails, then I completed my grocery list and checked out some online recipe sites for dinner. They have free Wi-Fi so you can continue your electronic lifestyle if you choose. After 10 minutes, I had to blow my nose as the congestion started breaking up. I found out that the salt particles actually decrease the thickness of the mucus in your sinus and lungs helping to draw it out. During my time in the room I took some really deep breaths of air and it felt so good! I found it cool that even though I was sitting on top of salt, surrounded by salt plus the pulverized salt being pumped through the air that it never bothered my eyes. I licked my lips and could taste the salt like I had been swimming in the ocean but my eyes never felt dry, and I wear contact lenses. 

After about 30 minutes I decided to take advantage of the calming, spa-like space and reclined my chair, closed my eyes and relaxed. I got a brief snooze in and then it was over. On my way out, I looked into the kids’ room, which is similar to the adult room in that it is like a salty beach the kids can play in with toys. There are also chairs for the adults who accompany them (getting a treatment right alongside their little ones). The difference is that it didn’t have salt sprayed on the walls. 

I went back to work and my lungs and sinuses felt open and clear for the rest of the day! I can’t wait to go back to The Salt Room Appleton and plan to tell everyone I know who has allergies or sinus problems about my experience: the minute I walked out of that room I could breathe easier and my nasal drip was gone. When I go back I plan to make a day out of it, first with a salt room session followed by an infrared sauna, which they have on site for all of you detoxing people out there! Visit them and pick up a brochure and read through it or visit their website at for all of the incredible benefits of salt therapy. Then book an appointment for you or a loved one — you won’t be disappointed. 

The Salt Room Appleton

1196 N Mayflower Drive, Appleton


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