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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • January 2018
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Natural foods can make a huge difference

Finding natural foods and alternatives to medication to help heal is a passion of mine, and can make a huge different in your overall health and well-being. I have come up with a list of a few things that may help you too.

  1. Beets or beet powder can lower blood pressure as much as a drug. A medium-sized beet or two teaspoons of beet powder can eliminate blood pressure medication.
  2. Gelatin (bone broth) makes for healthier skin, hair and nails. It improves cartilage in the body. Simply add two tablespoons of gelatin in a warm drink each day.
  3. Soluble fiber (hi-maize 260 resistant starch fiber). Just two tablespoons a day can lower cholesterol, prevent blood sugar from rising, prevent constipation and help in weight loss by making a body feel full. 
  4. Coconut oil. Just one tablespoon per day in a warm drink gives the brain the fat it needs and prevents hunger, especially when used the same day as the gelatin and soluble fiber is used. 


Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose)

Grandma Rose’s shop, Natural Expressions Bakery, is now open by appointment by calling 920-954-9727 and is located at 825 E Broadway Drive in Appleton. Visit her website at Shipping will be included in the price listed there. Grandma Rose’s email address is [email protected]

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