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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • February 2018
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Eggrolls Inc — That’s how we roll!

Eggrolls Inc is based upon a story that dates to the 1970s, when Hmong people started to resettle in the United States. In my opinion, one of the very best Hmong contributions to this great nation is the traditional Hmong eggroll. Food can bring cultures together, and the Hmong eggroll has played a significant role integrating Hmong families into the communities they live in across America. Eggrolls Inc is a tribute to Hmong-Americans throughout the United States.

For decades, the Hmong eggroll was only available if you were friends with a Hmong family, attended Hmong festivals and community events, or through small and local Hmong “mom and pop” food shops. The eggroll is traditionally deep fried and served with a homemade butt kicking hot pepper sauce. Although mouthwatering and delicious, eating any deep fried food daily may not be advisable for health reasons. Yet, the journey to find access to the Hmong eggroll is nothing short of a scavenger hunt for most non-Hmong.

Eggrolls Inc is a modern day twist on a classic. With a focus on the freshest produce and quality meats from local meat markets, Eggrolls Inc has redefined the Hmong eggroll. It is no longer deep fried! With a unique baking process, we kept the extremely mouthwatering deliciousness of the Hmong eggroll and made it healthier, so you can eat regularly, guilt free. Healthier Hmong eggrolls and finger food, combined with a fast and casual experience, convenient location, quick and friendly service, and the result is pure bliss!

Our H’MONGOUS eggroll is what we are all about. We also offer a handful of sides dishes such as spring rolls, lettuce wraps, pho rolls, cabbage rolls and a to-die-for spicy curry soup. We have nine different sauces for dipping from your typical soy and sweet & sour to the spiciest of sauces like our killer good Mamma’s Milk sauce. It will make you drool a little for sure, but you’ll want to keep eating it. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are always plenty and available. That’s how we like to roll.

Check us out on Facebook or at We are open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Closed on Sundays to give our crew time with their families and church. Eggrolls Inc is located next to Walmart by the Fox River Mall in Appleton.

Eggrolls Inc.

1015 Mutual Way, Appleton


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