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  • February 2018
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From the editor

February is an interesting time of the year. It’s not shiny and new like January, but not quite spring’s beginning in March. I’ll lovably call it a middle child (because that’s where I happen to fall in birth order myself).

Don’t let this seemingly lackadaisical month fool you. It packs a punch. And it does so in the most full circle way. There’s a simple association to hearts because of their abundance in February, both in the literal, anatomical sense and also in its more whimsical, intuitive definition. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle and the whole 28 day span is dedicated to National Heart Month and spreading awareness about cardiovascular health. The passion that Dr. Yasser Salem and his team at Heart Failure Survival Center of America hold for both the health and quality of life of their patients is admirable, and we’re glad to tell their story.

This February is also special for us at Nature’s Pathways Magazine. For 12 years, we’ve included a convenient section called the Community Partners Directory where local experts can be found easily in a manner that speaks to your wants and needs. Because of its success, we’ve included our first annual separate piece with our print publication to help make connecting with community organizations easier than ever in 2018. To check it out and grab yours, find a newsstand here:

Enjoy exploring all our community has to offer and be sure to tell your favorite local businesses that you saw them in the CPD. Remember to visit the CPD section here on the website where you can link directly to their websites and social media accounts.

Connecting is what it’s all about!


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