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  • March 2018
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Dreams realized — Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy, S.C. helps put the joy of motherhood in reach

When it comes to someone’s dream — an aspiration; goal; aim — there’s usually a whimsical aspect, something that makes it so significant and worth wishing for that it’s catapulted into a category of its own. When it is said to come true, it can also symbolize that it wasn’t easy. Trials and tribulations sometimes make the actualization of those desires even sweeter.

Motherhood is one of those dreams.

Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy, S.C. knows this all too well. Founded by Dr. Rami Kaldas, the area clinic is world-renowned for its compassionate and well-versed staff in all avenues of women’s care.

He along with provider, Dr. Donald Menya, are known for their unique approach when it comes to traditional women’s health. There’s nothing customary about their treatment philosophies or their drive to go above and beyond for their patients, who are naturally considered a part of the family.

“It is one hundred percent about the whole person,” Dr. Kaldas explains. “At the Kaldas Center, we wed medical knowledge, the individual, seeing the person as a whole and a hefty dose of a lot of common sense. We’ve got to know how a person’s symptoms fit into their life.”

When their lives include symptoms like pain, discomfort and the interruption of everyday tasks — not to mention the inability to get pregnant — Kaldas Center is determined to relieve and give new and lasting hope to help put dreams in reach.

It’s a passion, a spark that’s in the air at the Kaldas Center that is undeniable whether you’re currently struggling or have seen the light.

“I have so many favorite parts of my day because I have such an incredible team here,” Dr. Kaldas says. “But it’s when the shingles fall from people’s eyes, it’s that ‘I once was blind but now I see’ element that I love.”

The joy of motherhood in reach

When it comes to a woman’s path to motherhood, no journey is exactly alike. In the same vein, each woman and their body is unique, but among those struggling to get pregnant, Dr. Kaldas declares that their infertility is likely due to the same, sole condition.

“If someone has not become pregnant in over a year and everything else — the husband or boyfriend being checked, the other labs — is fine, I truly believe that it is endometriosis unless proven otherwise.”

The chronic condition affects one in 10 women. Dr. Kaldas simply describes endometriosis as “uterine lining gone bad, wreaking havoc outside the uterus,” and attributes it to being the cause of more than half of all infertility cases. Cells that normally grow inside the uterus grow outside of it, resulting in the body’s immune response blocking pregnancy from occurring. This creates inflammation, scarring and pain.

The Kaldas Center is the no. 1 clinic in Wisconsin to excise endometriosis using a laser, removing the problem all together rather than removing surface tissue one visit at a time. They are the experts in this technique.

“(Education) has become a mission and a gospel because we’ve seen so much nonsense. And on top of that, fertility cycles and medication are expensive. We want people to find us sooner rather than later because they go through so much.”

Created in an effort to educate women about the diagnosis, how it affects fertility and quality of life, and what can be done to help, Endometriosis Awareness Month every March is the perfect opportunity to discover and learn about the disease, as well as show support to those living with the diagnosis.

“We would not do what we do if we did not love life, love our patients and love to make their dreams a reality. It is not a job we are doing. It is a calling.”

—Dr. Rami Kaldas

From their perspective...

Dr. Kaldas sees not only multiple cases of endometriosis on a regular basis, but the women who are living with it every day. One of his most admirable approaches — seeing, hearing and believing in his patients as individuals — allows him to help educate others about what they’re going through. In his words, here are six things women with endometriosis want you to know and ways to support them.

1. It’s not all in their head. When women complain they have pain that’s amplified during her period it’s easy to assume they’re overreacting or making up their pain. That’s very false.

2. They can’t “just relax.” If a woman is experiencing pain, it’s a concern. However, if the pain is associated with her period then she is told she just needs to relax. Unfortunately, relaxing isn’t a cure for endometriosis. Don’t tell your friend or family member to relax — ask them if there’s anything you can do and offer your support.

3. Not all endometriosis pain is the same. Not all cases of endometriosis are the same. It truly varies from patient to patient. Never assume that someone with endometriosis can just take medication or have a surgery. It might not be the best option for everyone.

4. Killer cramps are not normal. Yes, many women experience cramps during their periods. Menstrual cramps are a common symptom. However, if her cramps and menstrual pain are affecting her everyday life – that’s not OK. Something is wrong and she deserves support and compassion until she finds comfort through a treatment that works for her.

5. There is no cure. Endometriosis can be managed with medication and therapy; however, we know the best way to relieve pain and give people their life back is to excise the endometriosis. We are experts at excising endometriosis.

6. They don’t want your pity. If you learn your friend or family member has endometriosis, don’t give them pity. Offer them support. Say “I’m here for you” and offer to listen. Respect that they might need to rearrange plans or need extra support.

“Traditional women’s care is missing something. It’s missing the “i” in “patient.” Care focused on the woman is the only care that will truly work. Every patient is different. Life experiences can change treatment options. One solution does not fit all, and we adapt to the needs of our patients.”

—Dr. Rami Kaldas

Could you be experiencing symptoms of endometriosis?

Symptoms include:

  • Excessive pain with periods
  • Frequent pain during intercourse
  • Pain/diarrhea with bowel movements
  • Inability to become pregnant in over a year
  • Abnormal bleeding

“Dreams can come true,” Dr. Kaldas says. “We have dream jobs, and with insight, patience, perseverance and skill, we will help our patients dream the impossible dream.”

Dr. Kaldas recognizes that the Kaldas Center’s ability to treat endometriosis efficiently comes from their technology and commitment to their art. Helping spread that message to those who need it is what it’s all about for them. 

The Kaldas Center is located near the Appleton International Airport and just south of the Fox River Mall, conveniently between College Ave and Prospect. This ideal location offers easy access for clients traveling from in and out of state while the warm and welcoming space provides comfort and privacy in a quiet setting.

701 S Nicolet Road, Appleton • 920-886-2299 •

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