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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • May 2018
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Jane experiences holistic dentistry for the first time

When life gets busy and chaotic it can be easy to put off things that you know deep down inside you shouldn’t. For me, that was scheduling my regular dental checkup. I’ve been even more conscientious about my health lately, so when I realized I was overdue, I decided to give holistic dentistry a try because it doesn’t solely focus on teeth and oral care but also how it relates to overall health. For instance, studies have shown a link between periodontal disease and heart health. Diabetic patients have higher rates of periodontal disease. It’s hard to overlook these connections.

I booked a new patient exam with Dr. William J. Twohig at Twohig Natural and Holistic Dentistry in Weyauwega. I chose them because their mission sounded exactly like what I was looking for: “A biological approach to dentistry that is a blend of clinical practice, sound scientific knowledge and the traditions of natural healing.”

During the first part of my exam, their dental assistant, Kelly, examined my teeth and asked if I had any concerns. She noticed that my vertical bite measurement was off by about 2 mm. She explained that this can cause a host of problems such as headaches, head and neck alignment issues, and even posture imbalances. Very few people have the perfect bite, but if you suffer from some of these issues it may start with your teeth. I never would have guessed that and had never had it pointed out to me before. She did a thorough exam while explaining the process in a manner even I could understand.

After the exam, Dr. Twohig discussed with me their findings and answered all of my questions. Happily, things were pretty good and I did not need major work, but he gave me things to watch out for and explained other topics related to holistic dentistry that were on my mind. I could tell he spent a great deal of time studying and educating himself and his staff on current, modern practices in dentistry. Next, I went on to meet with their hygienist, Linda.

I mentioned that I had missed a checkup or two so there was more to clean this time around. She didn’t make me feel guilty about it, which was very welcomed. She used gentle tools and the ultrasonic scaler, which gets your teeth and gums super clean. I was happy to find out that they don’t use any fluoride in their tooth polish. After the cleaning my gums were a little tender due to my neglect and having to do a deeper cleaning, but I knew it was exactly what I needed. And I was super excited to experience their ozone treatment. It was amazing! Any tenderness I had was gone soon after. Ozone therapy has been used overseas but I am so glad it is now available in the U.S. Ozone therapy eliminates bacteria so it is excellent for people with gum disease, it promotes faster healing and can even help promote demineralization of the tooth surfaces, helping dentistry to become less invasive. I noticed a difference immediately.

There were several things I really enjoyed about my visit to Dr. Twohig’s office. I loved the staff — everyone was friendly and so knowledgeable. They could answer all my questions as soon as I asked them. They also give you a lot of handouts to help patients make informed decisions on their care such as silver/mercury dental fillings, fluoridation and oxygen/ozone in dentistry. I like feeling informed and in control of my decisions and that Dr. Twohig and his team are there to help guide the way. You can bet I won’t miss another appointment!

Twohig Natural and Holistic Dentistry

417 Ann Street, Weyauwega



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