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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • May 2018
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Snow is swirling, wind is gusting and there’s an already huge drift blocking the majority of the window as we put finishing touches on this issue of Nature’s Pathways — and yes, I’m talking about May.

Mid-April brought a record-breaking blizzard to our area and while we’re no strangers to snowfall this time of year, it caused me to reflect on expectations and dreams and the obstacles that sometimes get in the way. According to Wikipedia, “Spring and ‘springtime’ refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.” And that’s what we’ve come to expect; however, as of today, that’s not what we’ve gotten.

When we’re met with the unexpected – whether it’s the answer “no,” uncharacteristic weather or even a literal roadblock – it’s frustrating. We had a clear idea or route planned and we’re forced to change directions. In the middle of the recent storm, it looked messy, unwavering and frankly, mean. Spirits (and snow blowers!) were broken. But then, it stopped.

In difficult moments we tend to feel like our goals are impossible, that the adversity we’re facing is too much for one person to handle. But we’re not alone. What I witnessed after the blizzard made me realize that support systems in any form are vital for survival. Neighbors helped neighbors, extra hands assisted with shoveling and plowing and an overall sense of determination filled the snowy streets that can apply to our everyday lives too:

We got this.


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