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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • June 2018
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Turn the page.

I recently came across this simple three-word phrase while scrolling through Instagram. I’ll admit, it was borderline mere muscle memory at that time of the night. But, it struck me. It caused me to pause and reflect on its potential meanings.

As an editor and avid reader, my first thought was literal. Turning the page is filled with curiosity, wanting more information to find out what happens next. I love the fact that you don’t know until you turn the page. By the same token — whether it’s a state of bliss or negative predicament — things will change. Depending on your current situation, it can be scary or comforting.

More figuratively, when we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, there’s always hope. Each chapter in our lives holds something different. It doesn’t necessarily mean things will be resolved, but it certainly can’t be ruled out because while we’re in our current scenario, it’s hard to imagine the future.

In the flip of a “page,” you could meet someone who changes your life’s course. Or have to let someone go. You might unexpectedly find yourself with the freedom to travel, or realize that it’s time to settle down. The possibilities are endless and new beginnings and endings happen all the time. While the unknown of our future chapters can seem frightening, it’s also exhilerating.

Cheers to a summer of discovery!


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