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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • July 2018
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You already know how to fail reaching your goals, right?

It seems the self-help industry has been getting by with affirmations and little else to get the job of accomplishing goals done. So you have another failure, again, yes? You know that saying, “You get what you pay for”? Let’s also add, “What you put your attention on with your time and money predicts your outcome.”

Knowledge is power. Or is it? We are now immersed in the information age with limitless information, facts and statistics at our fingertips. Any subject we want to master is just a few clicks away. With all this knowledge at our fingertips the obvious question is, why do we still have so many problems and difficulties? Especially when it comes to breaking our bad habits and doing what we know to be healthy.

The answer is that information is not usually the prerequisite to power and transformation. The driving force behind great human achievement and success is emotion. Emotion is the fire in our engine that drives us to act. The stronger our emotion, the greater our effort. If we can learn to tap into our emotions and direct them, there is no limit to the changes we can make — changes in our world and changes in ourselves.

Not all emotions will work. Negative emotions can have the opposite effect. Self-doubt, self-hate, crippling fears and other negative drives will not produce the desired results. The emotions that we need to focus on are love, compassion, courage, inspiration and especially gratitude. Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California Davis and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami have done studies that demonstrate clearly the power of being grateful. With the right knowledge and emotional motivation there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Through guided hypnosis we can tap into and expand powerful emotions that serve as the catalyst for change. By allowing deep emotions to be activated, a fresh enthusiasm can be tapped for improving our health, our relationships and personal success.

Intellectual knowledge alone is powerless to evoke change, it must be conjoined with passion, emotion and purpose. Only then can we bring about the deep and lasting change that will affect our life and our relationships.

Outcome thinking with auditory, kinesthetic and visual acuity is the largest part of reaching your goal. When people experience breakthroughs with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), perceptioneering and guided self-hypnosis the results are — well, astonishing.

*Results of hypnosis vary.


Jay Luck

Jay Luck is a Clinical Hypnotist Trainer and Master Hypnotist both on stage and in clinical settings, specializing in Hypnosis, NLP, Ho’oponopono and Mindfulness. Sign up for private sessions, classes and workshops now: or call 920-495-1277.

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