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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • August 2018
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Be true to yourself

How many times have you said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”? Have you ever kept your opinions and ideas to yourself because you had a differing, perhaps off-the-wall, idea?

The way many people move through life and work becomes habitual, maybe even robotic. The true part of “us” stays hidden from the world as we adjust to fit into expected norms of our family, workplace or society in general. As the years pass us by, the awareness of our true self becomes hidden under more and more layers of conditioning. The days when we feel true joy and happiness no longer outnumber the days of stoic acceptance. Feeling like this is how life will be. And going through the motions on autopilot.

Life can be different!

Are you ready for your life to be different? It can!

The first step is to begin to understand who you are — deep down. What do you enjoy? When do you feel like you are in “flow” where life moves effortlessly forward? What have you dreamt of doing, but haven’t had the courage to try?

Along your life journey, awareness of energy boosters and drainers is very important. Identify the people, activities, responsibilities and thoughts that boost your energy and those that drain your energy.

Bring more of your true self into your day and find ways to spend more time in energy boosters rather than drainers. It’s all about being choiceful about decisions, actions and thoughts. Pay attention to how you feel when you navigate life. Recognize your emotions — good and “bad.” What’s coming up for you? When? Why? Write it down and reflect on what you are noticing as you pay more focused attention to these things.

Gradually introduce the “new” you. Assertively say “no” with no excuses or long-winded explanations. Wear the big earrings that you were afraid to wear for fear of what others would think. Change your hair color without fear of others’ opinions. Share your ideas at work and pat yourself on the back for doing so even if the idea isn’t accepted. Sing out loud in the car and smile when people notice! Be bold!

Help is available

Do you find yourself wanting to make changes, but are unsure where to start? Are you motivated to do whatever it takes to change the direction your life is taking?

There are many resources available, from self-help books (check out ) to various types of career and life coaches.

Now is the time to prioritize you so you can begin discovering your path to positive change! 

Lisa Klarner

Lisa Klarner is a Certified Career Coach & Life Coach and Anxiety Educator & Author. Lisa helps stressed out, overwhelmed people to gain energy, grow self-confidence, find a healthy work-life balance and gain momentum to move toward a life and career of their dreams. As an author and anxiety educator, Lisa gives hope and inspiration to people who are dealing with stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Contact Lisa at 920-659-0142 or to begin discovering your path to positive change!

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