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  • August 2018
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From the editor

“In summer, the song sings itself.” —William Carlos Williams

When I found the above quote, I immediately agreed. After contemplating it for a short time, I took it literally and realized it’s because I don’t like silence. Music tends to be on in every area I enter: whether I’m driving, cooking or even writing (in fact, as I make this note, Ludovico Einaudi piano music is filling the air around me).

Summer has an energy that’s undeniable. There’s a constant melody. People are out and about, we soak up the fact that we know it’s limited, and that makes it sweeter. Even simple evening strolls seem a bit more charming when the air is warm and we can hear wildlife in its natural environment. Granted, the sounds of summer are a bit of a gamble. They can vary from construction noises and traffic horns blaring to the more gentle side of the season like kids’ laughter, birds chirping and those mid-afternoon rainstorms that seem to come and go in the blink of an eye.

We’re in the dog days of summer, which means unfortunately it’s coming to an end. But don’t grab your sweaters and pumpkin-flavored goodies quite yet! There’s still a lot of summertime celebrations left in our community. One of the best and most community friendly, are our local farmers markets.

National Farmers Market Week is August 5-11, and we have great options to celebrate around us, including the Appleton Farm Market on College Avenue every Saturday morning (until October 27), and Oneida Nation Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons (until October 4).

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, and fill them with your favorite sounds.


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