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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • September 2018
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From our editor...

I recently had a productive day planned. It was a Monday, I was alone, and I was in a determined mood. My to-do list was next to me, the Word document I was working on glowing on my computer screen and music I save especially for “I can’t be distracted, I’m working!” times was on in the background. I was ready to check tasks off my list.

And then our office door opened.

I wasn’t expecting anyone and was quiet for a moment to see if the mystery visitor would realize they were in the wrong place. They weren’t, and subsequently greeted me with, “Is this Nature’s Pathways?”

Ashamedly, I had a bad attitude. I was just getting started and at that moment didn’t feel I had any time to “waste.” I was wrong. It turned out the woman was looking for past issues of the magazine and as we began talking about her experience visiting some of the businesses she’s seen in our pages, her positivity began to rub off on me.

Her sheer joy is exactly what I needed that day. I was feeling self-important and as though I was the only person in the world to have responsibilities to take care of. What I initially thought was an interruption is what I needed to gain perspective on what’s important. Human interaction! Kind words! Lively conversations that make you nod your head, smile and say “Yes!”

The woman and I then spoke about meeting people who end up connections, no matter how long they’re in your life: a lifetime, months, weeks, maybe even less than an hour.

“We don’t meet people by accident,” she said.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the reminder.


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