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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2018
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Sweet Willow Naturals – Providing education, support and products for your health and wellness

“We’re less interested in selling you something than we are in educating and supporting you in making healthy decisions for your life!” —Heather and Mary

Sweet Willow Naturals is a women-owned and operated storefront that focuses on providing education, consultation and coaching to support a healthy lifestyle. We want to work with you to support you in your quest for health and well-being, remembering that holistic health requires knowledge, commitment and a comprehensive approach that is far more than asking, “What herb or essential oil do you have for this issue?”

We are probably best known for our array of bulk organic or wild crafted herbs (we carry approximately 150 different whole herbs and 70 spices) and our own brand of herbal teas. There is just no comparison between the taste of whole chamomile and what you get in teabags — try it, you’ll see what we mean! We enjoy creating custom blends for you, so don’t hesitate to ask us! Sip a cup of tea at our counter while we put together your own perfect cuppa that you can brew at home!

In 2017, we sold approximately 700 bags of our store blended herbal teas. That’s about 84 pounds! We are already on a pace to break that record this year. So, while we do grow many herbs that we use for custom herbal products for our clients who consult us, we can’t possibly grow enough to supply the volume of teas and herbal products we produce here. And, of course, some of the herbs we use aren’t too fond of our local weather, so we must source those from other places. We work with reputable, certified organic growers and distributers to provide the highest quality herbs available.

Education is our passion, and we offer an array of classes on living a healthy lifestyle with topics including: nutrition, herbs, managing lifestyle changes and how to create your own DIY products (e.g., soap, bath/body products, herbal preparations). We are also happy to customize classes for four or more people, or to host a party at our new blending bar!

The owners and staff at Sweet Willow Naturals have backgrounds in functional medicine coaching, nutrition, herbalism, clinical aromatherapy, eating psychology, and nursing — and we try to provide good resources and evidence-based information, not just the latest internet fad! Just as important as what you will find at Sweet Willow Naturals may be what you won’t find: hype, pushy salespeople, or claims that just can’t be substantiated. We encourage you to be knowledgeable consumers — we love to learn from you, too! You may hear us questioning some current “healthy” practices because we just haven’t seen any research to support them — or, we’ve read research that clearly suggests a practice isn’t safe. We will share what we know, and always try to point you to unbiased evidence.

In addition to our herbs and spices, we carry herbal tinctures, salves, lotions, liniments and oils. We also carry DIY organic, food and cosmetic grade body and health promotion supplies, and GC/MS tested and verified 100 percent pure essential oils. This includes carrier oils and butters, lye, salts, and clays. We source locally as much as possible. Because we care about the Earth — and about you — we supply bulk products, sustainable home goods and reusable containers; we encourage you to bring in your own containers for bulk products to reduce landfill waste!

Herbal and aromatherapy consults, and functional medicine-based life coaching take place at Sweet Willow Naturals in a private space, and can offer clients support and information. We also have a wonderful massage therapist on site! We work with you to holistically consider what may be contributing to health concerns or your desire to promote and maintain your current state of wellness: your nutrition and activity patterns are important, but so are stress, sleep, relationships, and so many other things! We will support you as you incorporate herbs, spices, nutritious (and yummy!) foods, movement and stress reduction tools into your daily life to support/promote a healthy lifestyle, and to gently address imbalances in health.

Come see us!

Heather, Mary, Dana and Lynn 

Sweet Willow Naturals

1541 Bellevue Street, Suite 3, Green Bay


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