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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2018
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Pulse Four, LLC – Pulsing for People, Ponies and Pets

Have you noticed that there seems to be an epidemic of cancer, disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and general ill health in today’s world? Even with all the modern science breakthroughs in medicine, there still seems to be more problems than there are solutions. Why? Modern technology surrounds us 24/7 with electronic smog. We eat processed foods, we breathe polluted air, drink water from plastic bottles, never put our feet on the earth’s surface and live fast-paced stressed lives.

What does all this mean? It means the cells in our body struggle to maintain their cellular health. They can only reproduce themselves and do their jobs with the nutrients we provide them and the electrical charge they can get naturally via pure water, raw organic food, putting our feet on the ground and exercising. A healthy body made up of healthy cells won’t get sick and is capable of healing itself. Cells have an electrical charge that allows them to work to their full potential. As Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD states in his book, “Healing is Voltage”: “All disease is caused by low voltage.”

Pulse Four, LLC brings mobile pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to you, your family and your pets. (Big or small.) PEMF is a drug-free therapy with over a million patient sessions to date. It provides a gentle pulsing action that recharges the cell and penetrates the cell walls, causing them to contract. This cellular exercise speeds up the circulation of nutrients, oxygen and expulsion of toxins, allowing the body to heal itself. An oxygenated body is a healthy body. Chronic pain and disease lives in an anaerobic environment.

PEMF has been used for years in Europe and has become much more prevalent in the U.S. with thousands of practitioners across the country. It has been used mainly in chiropractic practices, but Pulse Centers (the manufacturer) has developed a compact machine enabling practitioners to bring the therapy to you (mobile PEMF).

It is very popular with horses, increasing their performance, relieving pain and inflammation, speeding recovery time for injuries. Dogs and cats also benefit from the healing qualities.

PEMF is FDA approved for anxiety and depression in patients not responding to medication. It helps achieve restorative sleep, increases the immune system by 40 percent, and speeds the healing of bones.

You might ask, “Can it help with _____ (fill in the blank)?” The answer is yes. It can help with anything because it recharges your cells’ batteries, and then your cells do what they were created to do, heal the body.

Pulse Four, LLC brings mobile PEMF therapy to Central Wisconsin. Call or text Kim Walsh, Certified PEMF Practitioner, at 920-385-3011. Find us on Facebook! 

Pulse Four, LLC

Kim Walsh, Certified PEMF Practitioner


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