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March 2017

March 2017

As I write this on what is most typically a snow-filled and chilly day in mid-February (it’s no secret we work ahead at Nature’s Pathways), it is instead 60 degrees and sunny.

It’s as if Mother Nature has given us a head start on all the spring season brings. Crystal M Hill from Yoga Elements captures that perfectly in her article on page 20: “March 20 marks the spring equinox. This signifies the first official day of spring and the moment the sun crosses the equator. It is common to celebrate this date as a time for cleansing and rebirth.”

Spring is like a reset button — whether it is a resurgence in the motivation you need to keep your New Year’s resolutions going, the start of new goals or simply a wakeup call for your attitude.

The sentiment also coincides perfectly with our cover story this month. The Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy, S.C. believes genuinely in their mission to provide a different experience for their patients, one that is the epitome of a reawakening: to know there is always hope.

Here’s to keeping optimism at the center of our lives this spring!

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