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Mother Earth Organic – Meet Nickolas Ashley — What is organic lawn care?

My wish is that we leave this earth a better place for our children than how it was found. Having children prompted a big change in my life and I began to look at the Earth differently. Changing the status quo of lawn care can have a big impact, and I give all the credit for founding Mother Earth Organic to my mother, Teresa, and my children, Everett and Xavier.

That being said, “going green” is not a fad. Organic lawn care is not new; it has always been around. The prevalence of chemical-based lawn care has been proven to be a leading contaminate of our environment and our loved ones. A lot of recent interest in going green has come about because these chemicals have been scientifically proven to leech into our water, children, pets and even unborn fetuses. Even the slightest trace amounts of chemicals pose a severe hazard to everyone. These chemically dependent lawns may look nice, but they are anything but. After these chemicals are applied, small warning signs must be placed to notify each passerby that the lawn is dangerous. According to the sign, the lawn will be safe after sunset or within 24 hours. How can such danger be avoided in such a short time? Why are chemicals used in lawn care only required to test the active ingredient, not the entire product actually being applied?

The government only mandates what they consider an acceptable risk with these chemicals being applied, but Mother Earth Organic believes that there should be a risk-free alternative. What many people don’t realize is that they can have that lawn without the use of chemicals. Yes, organic lawns can be weed-free and beautiful in appearance! In fact, organic lawns are much healthier than their chemical counterparts, and they also have a positive input for the environment. Organic lawns have deeper grass roots that will absorb more rainwater, which reduces storm water runoff. Healthy grass plants will naturally out-compete weeds for nutrients. Grass plants that are exposed to chemicals only have the appearance of being healthy, but really are not because they have become chemically dependent on the toxins. These chemically dependent lawns need every bit of help that they can get. Miss a chemical application and you will notice a change in the health and color of the grass. Miss a scheduled watering and the grass goes brown quicker than ever. Chemical lawns require significantly more input of nutrients and ground water to maintain health and appearance, not to mention the heavy use of dangerous pesticides and herbicides to protect the weak grass plants. This is not the case with organic lawns. Organic lawns work with biology and Mother Nature — not against her. They retain more water during rainfalls, so they need less water via irrigation.

I like to think of lawn care like dieting. A commitment to proper nutrition and exercise is what makes you healthy — not taking a cure-all pill. For me, proper lawn nutrition is our Safe Lawn Program, and exercise is proper horticultural practices like aeration, over-seeding and mowing. Proper lawn mowing is the most underrated horticultural practice that you can do for your lawn’s health. Many weeds can be controlled with mowing, plus regular mowing stimulates grass plants to put more nutrients into the root system instead of the stalk and leaf of the blade. Our technicians are highly trained at identifying lawn issues and providing horticultural advice for homeowners to improve. We love to work with homeowners to improve the quality of their lawn and environment.

At Mother Earth Organic, we have come to understand that being organic does not mean simply using different products. We build the complete soil profile to improve microbial activity, which leads to healthier plants, wildlife and people. We provide soil testing to ensure your lawn is getting only what it really needs, and all of our products must meet stringent criteria for safety and effectiveness. The best part of providing organic lawn care is being able to teach our customers that a better quality of life comes from the ground up, and that we can all do more to better the health of our Earth.

Mother Earth Organic

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