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WLC Coaching

Would you like the opportunity, time and support to recreate your life? Want to feel inspired, excited and passionate about your future? Want to gain clarity in your life direction? Kirsty Blattner’s clients consist of people feeling a lack of direction, who feel stuck in their career, unhealthy, lethargic or frustrated. Clients finish their time with her at WLC Coaching feeling clarity, calm, focus, freedom, energized, healthy, happy and inspired!

When was the last time you felt empowered, relaxed and truly listened to? At WLC Coaching you step into a soft, ocean-colored office filled with plants, roses and aromatherapy wafting through the air. You are offered herbal tea or coffee and thoroughly listened to. You are appreciated, and you instantly feel supported.

You hold the answers to your questions, and using neurolinguistic programming techniques, you co-create a program to recognize and realize your potential. Every coaching program is unique and designed especially for you. Here is one client’s experience:

Kirsty asks insightful questions that dig beyond your expressed desires to your motivation, and taps into the root source of what will compel you to move forward. Kirsty’s tailored approach, grounding presence and delightful personality will inspire you.

Kirsty emboldened me to breathe life back into my world. It was like she encouraged me to listen to the whispers of wisdom within me. They had been muffled for so long, I wasn’t sure they were still there. She invited me to turn toward any glimmer of interest, any spark of light or fascination. She was by my side as I started practicing the art of living again, and she continued to inquire about my heart’s desires. She dared me to try, to dream, to be myself.

Before our work together, I was stale. Numb. I felt stuck in the muck of life — my responsibilities were on repeat. I was curious about what meeting with a life coach might do for me. I was longing to feel alive and experience joy, but felt that life was happening to me. I filled out a questionnaire before I met with Kirsty and felt a glimmer of hope thinking about what I wanted. Meeting Kirsty was a treat. She was so welcoming and was eager to learn about me. An amazing and fully alive person was curious about me, and that was just the beginning!

Kirsty didn’t change my life. She gave me permission and guidance to change my own. She questioned my limiting beliefs. She helped me step out of my own way. In just a few months, things I thought were once impossible (e.g., asking for and finding balance in work/life) were coming to fruition. Life has more meaning as I make space for the people I love and activities I enjoy. I am forever grateful for having found Kirsty and her presence in my life!

If you would like to see more testimonies, visit: If you want to be living the life of your dreams in 2015, contact Kirsty Blattner at WLC Coaching to set up a free two-hour strategy session.

WLC Coaching

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