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Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc.

Healing Horsemanship Foundation was born in a dream shared by its co-founders, Bob and Nikki Cohen-Wichner. They were cooking over a campfire in 1996 when Nikki began sharing about a vivid dream in which their horses were working with people in a manner she’d never considered before. As she described what she saw in her dream, Bob began finishing her sentences. It didn’t take them long to realize that they each had the same exact dream the night before.

It took a couple of years before they shared that dream with others because they thought people would think they were crazy. Thankfully that first sharing was validated when Professor Peter Fabian of Edgewood College encouraged Nikki to view the dream as “a vision from God that needs to be deeply honored.”

Nearly a decade later the two had both graduated from Edgewood College and shifted the family’s 20-plus-year-old horse business into a highly respected Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy program that engages youth in a broad range of activities including non-horse activities like organic gardening, carpentry, ag mechanics and cat care.

Almost two decades have passed and that shared dream has changed the lives of thousands of people who have either participated in programs at Interstate Horse Center as participants or volunteers. Over $250,000 in services have been donated thanks to Bob and Nikki’s many hours of pro bono work and donors to Healing Horsemanship Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2007.

Today this nationally respected program receives referrals from physicians, therapists, social workers, teachers, parents and other concerned adults across the country who believe that a non-traditional approach to therapy and/or education might be the last hope for a young person they know whose needs can’t be met via traditional settings.

The naturally healing environment of The Forever Farm brings a power all its own to people who face life’s challenges. Nature-based experiential therapy and alternative learning programs may allow people to find answers within themselves that can remain elusive in traditional therapy or school settings.

This is truly an exciting time to become involved in the Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc. as a board member or volunteer. A recent six-figure donation has secured the future of what is now known as The Forever Farm. The foundation needs strong leaders to support its new vision of expanding facilities to provide more structure to alternative education programming. Anyone interested in supporting wounded warriors are encouraged to contact Nikki to help create a national model for supporting wounded warriors through development of a Veteran Volunteer Corps where vets can find a new mission through their work to support the HHF mission where youth and families affected by trauma can find hope through relationship with nature and horses.

Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc.

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