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Jane experiences shamanic energy healing at Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary

I have always been very curious about energy healing because I have heard so many of my friends talk about their experiences. To be honest, I initially didn’t think it could benefit me, but the more I heard, the more interested I became. I asked several of my friends for a referral for a healer and they all said to try Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary in Beaver Dam.

I made an appointment and drove to Beaver Dam. I have to admit that I felt very nervous and had doubts during my drive. I arrived at this beautiful retreat out in the country, and started to relax. The environment immediately put me at ease. I was met by Julie Hogan, the owner, and she made me feel so very welcomed. She showed me around her retreat and offered me a cup of tea.

She began the session by finding out my intent for coming to see her, so she was able to support me on my soul’s journey. My intent was to have more balance in my life and to not feel so overwhelmed. I just wanted to see if a session could help reduce some stress and get me centered again.

When it was time to get started, I was starting to feel nervous again. I took a couple of deep breaths to relax and remembered my friends’ amazing experiences. After all, I really did want to see if this could help relieve some stress in my life. Julie had me lay down, fully clothed, on a massage table. She also stated that she would support me throughout my session by creating an environment filled with love. I am in charge of the flow of the session and she is the guide. Her gentle voice and overall demeanor made me truly feel supported.

Julie was able to support me through my session by creating a positive environment. I was very open to this and knew I wanted things to be better in my life. I started becoming very relaxed and allowed her to take over. I felt warmth during the treatment and felt like I was drifting off. Julie explained that this is normal and allows for deep healing at an unconscious level.

The session was closed by Julie offering prayers of gratitude and thanks to all those who support us on our journeys. She told me to take time to transition gracefully from that place of peace and gave me a glass of water. She also told me to drink the recommended daily consumption of water for several days afterward to flush away any toxins that were released. Otherwise, she explained that I could possibly experience headaches or feel tired after the treatment. This is very similar to the process that occurs with a dietary cleanse. She was very knowledgeable and open during the whole session.

I felt so relaxed after my session, that it was as if I was returning from a relaxing vacation. I felt immediate relief as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I really felt like a new person! Other feelings I experienced were that I felt more focused and motivated. Immediately I felt my stress was reduced and I knew this is the kind of feeling I wanted to experience more often in my life. I was amazed that one session could affect me so positively. It was noninvasive and Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary is such a peaceful environment that it helped me get back to the person I wanted to be.

Julie and I chatted about my session and she gave me further tips to keep the positive feeling with me: rest, drink water, exercise and focus on my well-being. I will definitely be back to see Julie and refer her to others. She was able to tune into my body and spirit and help me in areas that I felt I needed to better myself. I am so glad I gave up my fears of energy healing because I have finally found something that works. It was like a much needed massage for the soul!

Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary

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