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Jane reflects on her life and learns through astrology

I’ve been doing some heavy reflecting on my life, and I’ve been continually asking myself, “How satisfied am I with my career path, and what do I need to do to advance to the next step?” This question has become overwhelming as of late and has really been consuming me to the detriment of other more stable and pleasurable aspects of my life. The uncertainty and the constant thinking about “What’s next?” distracts me from fully enjoying and being present in relationships with my family because of the constant voice in my head wanting to solve the problem or know the answer.

I’ve always been interested in reading my horoscope and learning about the characteristics of my astrological sign; however, there is much more to astrology than the common horoscope you find in the newspaper or online. Because of the constant questioning I’ve been experiencing, I decided to have an astrology reading with Barry Kerr of Choose Conscious Living. I’m very glad I did! At any given moment in time, the positioning of the sun, moon and planets all has a meaning. Before our session I knew that I was a Libra. After speaking with Barry, I now understand that Libra is my sun sign, but it goes much deeper than that. The location of the moon and planets at the time of your birth also tells the story of your personality. All of these characters are sub parts of you.

I knew that I related to Libra tendencies and that Libras are very concerned with finding balance. What I didn’t know and quickly learned after receiving a copy of my birth chart is that many planets were in Libra at the time of my birth. The Libra quality in me is even stronger than the average Libra person. For me it’s an important focus for my personality.

Libra is about relationships and connecting to others, and it’s really important for my personality to be attracted to relationships, both personal and otherwise. Relating to people is where I have the most to learn in this lifetime, considering people’s thoughts, feelings, goals, wants and needs. People in Libra tend to carry an energy to empathize and want to consider both sides, not just their own point of view. Barry explained some tendencies in Libra that would be good to bring to relationships, but also susceptibilities and how they could create imbalance.

In addition to the location of the planets and their corresponding signs, we have “houses” that represent compartments of life. The houses our planets sit in determine which compartments of life will teach us the most. My Libra signs are showing up in the 10th house, which is the house of career, recognition and achievement. Once Barry explained this to me I felt comforted, and my feelings were validated.

Barry continued to go through my birth chart and explained that a birth chart is essentially an energetic map of what your soul’s strategy is. This map is based on when and where you were born. The location of all of the elements and how their positions relate to one another all has meaning. He continued to go through many of the planets’ locations, the meaning and how it relates to my personality. He explained that the positioning of the north node and south node of the moon at the time our birth is associated with our soul’s purpose. Barry explained that I will need to focus my awareness to the emotional level of life, both in myself and in others. My personal fulfillment will not come from the successfulness of my career, rather from how I choose to experience the emotional ride in my professional and personal relationships. One of the most impactful ideas that came out of my conversations with Barry is that everyone has the freedom to choose how they interpret the world and situations, and based on your interpretations, you choose your emotions. You have power in what you experience emotionally.

My experience with Barry was very calming, as well as eye opening. Following our initial conversation, Barry sent me a lengthy report based on my birth chart that includes some healing affirmations, attributes to develop and some tendencies to leave behind. He also sent me an audio file of our session to reference and further reflect on. Included in the astrology reading is a follow-up discussion a couple of weeks after the initial session to answer any questions or address any issues that may have surfaced. Barry also does energy healing and transformation life coaching. He offers his services both in-person or remotely, through telephone or Skype, and at your own pace.

I encourage anyone looking to dive deeper into the aspects of their personality and their soul’s purpose to contact Barry for an astrology reading!

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