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Jane changes her life by experiencing a health coach

Before November of 2014, I felt really run down, tired, stressed and pretty desperate. My anxiety was very high all of the time. I had no energy after work to put toward exercise — not to mention things I liked doing. I needed a change!

I contacted Emily Niesen, the owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being for that reason. From the very beginning, she has helped me with the things that were contributing to my low energy, such as stress and the inability to say “no” to pushy clients. She helped me manage my time and set boundaries with my work so I could complete jobs in a timely manner while still making time for myself. I also wanted to be able to prepare more healthy meals, but because of my busy schedule I constantly turned to sugary iced coffees and fast food because it was so convenient. With Emily’s help, meals are now convenient, but so much better for me! Eating healthier and learning how to fuel my body versus slow it down helped tremendously with my energy levels. Time management with my clients gave me a little extra time to myself so I could cook and prepare meals for the week.

Emily is great because she not only makes suggestions to better your life, but she helps you every step of the way. I knew I wanted to eat healthier. She didn’t just say, “OK, go out and buy what you consider to be healthy.” She provided tons of handouts with shopping lists, meal ideas and recipes. She didn’t stop there, though! For one of our sessions we met at a grocery store where she introduced me to bulk bins. You know, the clear plastic bins with the little scoop? Prices are much cheaper when you put them in a bag yourself! We created a custom trail mix that I could take with me to work or in the car while I’m traveling. She taught me what to look for on the bin labels. Emily never made me feel like I had to eat something. If I simply didn’t like the taste of something, she had several other ideas for me.

However, she did encourage me to try different things. I now put spinach and fresh ginger in smoothies. I add kale and mushrooms to my spaghetti sauce. I actually prefer quinoa to rice. Kombucha turns out to be a delicious drink! I really enjoy roasted beets and parsnips. I have a windowsill herb garden that’s starting to take over my kitchen. All of these things I now do just because Emily encouraged me to get creative in the kitchen and try new things. Who knew?!

Other sessions included going on hikes near her house and chatting about what I felt was going well and how she could help me with the things I was struggling with. During my first session with Emily, we went on a hike. After about ten minutes, it began to rain heavily. We could easily have turned around, but we didn’t. It taught me right away that following through and not making excuses will pay off, and that Emily is determined to stick by my side through it all. It was a fun and memorable experience!

Another thing we covered that I did not expect was discussing my desire to transition into being a freelance designer full time. While this is still a work in progress, she spent a lot of time going over the steps to make this happen. In the meantime, she reminded me to practice gratefulness. What do I like about my current job?

I like Emily’s approach because she does what is right for you. What works for me may not be what is best for the next person, and she values that. She sits down and listens to what your needs are and tailors the program to you as a unique individual.

Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being does not have an office like a typical business — there’s no need for that! The sessions are like going on a field trip. Emily takes you places that would be beneficial to you. She is flexible and willing to make time when you have the time. We decided that Saturday mornings were best for us. I always leave meetings with her feeling good and inspired. It’s a great way for me to start my weekend!

I would recommend Emily to anyone who feels that they are just not their best self. Many traditional health coaches focus only on diet and exercise, but there are so many more factors that can affect the way you feel. Emily is genuine and caring, and can help you uncover other areas that need improvement. She truly gives you the tools you need to succeed.

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