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The Float Factor

The Float Factor began, as many good ideas do, around the kitchen table. After seeing some information on the Internet about floatation therapy (aka floating) co-founder Maria Welch was intrigued by the idea of floating and its benefits, which include deep relaxation, recovery and pain relief, as well as a rare opportunity to totally disconnect from the stresses of the outside world for an hour. She decided to find the nearest place to float and try it out.

The first experience in a float tank comes with a little apprehension for most people. What will happen? How will it feel? How do they keep it clean? Maria was no different. Her first float was in an older box style float tank. It was humid, dark and drippy, and the orientation was minimal, which made it difficult to relax and experience the benefits she had read so much about.

A company based in Arizona made the float pods the co-founders originally saw on the Internet. Time for a visit to Tempe! This time they were at a real center, dedicated to floating with modern equipment and an obvious understanding of how to create a great float experience. The pods were smooth, high tech pieces of equipment with features designed to create a clean, quiet and incredibly relaxing float. Just one hour in the pod was so powerful, the couple decided they needed to find a way to bring floating to their Madison community.

The next year was (unexpectedly) spent working with the Departments of Health Services and Safety and Professional Services on regulatory issues so it would be possible to operate a float center in Wisconsin. Finally they completed the state review process and their equipment and center design were approved in early 2015.

Since then The Float Factor has continued their journey to bring the best possible float experience to Wisconsin. Their new center, opening this July on Junction Road in Madison, will feature private float suites with the most sophisticated equipment available. Their Evolution pods contain about 10 inches of water saturated with Epsom salt to create buoyancy that allows your body to float effortlessly. The pods are filtered 3 times between each client (a public swimming pool is only recycled once a day), with individualized sound and lighting options and easy accessibility.

Upon entering the center you will feel welcomed and reassured. Each new client will watch a video detailing what to expect and what to do, and a knowledgeable employee will show you the ropes and answer any questions you might have. After your float you can re-enter the outside world at your own pace by relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea in the comfortable lounge. If you are curious about floating and want to give it a try, The Float Factor has a $39 first float discount available through their opening in late July. Register on their website Maria and her team look forward to meeting you!

The Float Factor

326 Junction Road


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