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New Well-Brain program offers hope for children and adults suffering from brain-based health problems

Dr. Laura Konopacki recently completed advanced studies in the holistic and natural management of brain-based health problems and is offering a new service that brings hope to thousands of families in our community. “Today, 18 percent of adults suffer from a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder and 21 percent of children currently or in their lifetime will suffer from a seriously debilitating mental disorder.

One in 42 boys is diagnosed with autism, 8 percent of children suffer from ADHD, traumatic brain injuries have increased 70 percent in the last 10 years affecting 2.5 million people every year and by 2050, one new case of neurodegenerative disease will appear every 33 seconds. And we’re not even talking about everyone who suffers from brain fog or decreased cognitive stamina,” explains Dr. Laura Konopacki. “The common denominator is the brain and more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of keeping one’s brain in top shape.”

Over the last decade, a growing number of scientific studies have shown that most brain-based health problems and disorders — such as ADHD, migraines, chronic pain, depression, Alzheimer’s disease or even post-traumatic stress disorder and concussions — have the same underlying triggers and causes. “There are definitely some genetic factors involved,” comments Dr. Laura, “but then there are a multitude of environmental factors, such as nutrition, food intolerances, blood sugar regulation issues, nutrient deficiencies, stress, and toxins that converge to create inflammation and improper neuronal communication, two mechanisms that are at the underlying root of many brain issues.”

“In my practice, many patients displayed early signs of brain demise and many had ‘broken brains.’ Often, medicine doesn’t have much to offer except for covering the symptoms with medications. My fear was that not addressing the causes of the problem would lead to permanent disability, and possibly pave the way for later neurodegenerative diseases but as a conventional chiropractor I did not have all the tools necessary to really help them. This is why I attended the Brain First Wellness Training,” noted Dr. Laura. “The Brain First Wellness Training is a post-graduate program that equips doctors of Chiropractic and other professionals with the tools to take care of patients with brain-based health problems in a holistic and natural manner,” explains Dr. Yannick Pauli from Lausanne, Switzerland, the co-founder of the program.

For the past 15 years, Pauli has been working in a specialty clinic focusing on brain-based issues.

“Our program teachers doctors how to evaluate patients with brain-based issues. The goal is not to diagnose a specific disorder. We are much more interested in understanding the processes that have led to the appearance of symptoms, not to give a name to a condition.

We look at all the neurological and metabolic imbalances that can be treated naturally to help the patient’s overall functioning. Whereas a medical neurologist would look at hard neurological signs, such as those found after stroke or brain cancer, we look at soft neurological signs, or subtle imbalances that are sufficient enough to handicap our patients but that are not yet severe enough to be diagnosed as a condition by medicine,” clarifies Pauli. “As a result, we’re not only able to help a lot of people with brain-based issues, but we can also detect early imbalances and correct them before they create too much damage in the brain. Thanks to very specific clinical evaluation and technology — such as heart rate variability that gives us a peak in the balance of the autonomic nervous system — we can create a step-by-step, customized program that is specific to the need of each patient.”

“With this new knowledge and experience being mentored by experts like Dr. Pauli, I am now better equipped to help adults and children with all kinds of problems conventional approaches couldn’t help. By combining chiropractic with specific brain-balancing exercises, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations in a structured and easy-to-follow program, we bring clarity where there was confusion and give patients new hope for their future,” summarized Dr. Laura.

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