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Turn your pain into progress

When we are in pain, it can be hard to focus on anything but getting rid of it. We may feel we are in a fight against our bodies, and direct all action and remedies toward treating or suppressing symptoms or disease in the body. We can end up focusing completely on something that’s wrong, and that we don’t want. This is understandable. We’re hardwired as a species to avoid pain to survive. But, that approach can not only be physically and emotionally draining, it’s also a very inefficient way to heal.

Have you ever thought about what mindset would give you the best chance to get well? Along with choosing a team of professionals to assist you on your healing journey, what is it that you can do on your own to support sustainable change and progress?

Change your focus

If you take whatever you’re focusing on and add emotion, that becomes what you experience as reality.

This includes how you navigate through the challenges brought with illness. Do you see only your problem, or the opportunities that can be found in that same situation? Do you focus on what someone did to hurt you, or what you can do to help yourself and others? Do you concentrate on avoiding pain (whether it’s back pain, headaches, asthma or other conditions) or creating a better future?

These questions can bring up uncomfortable feelings. Especially when we’re overwhelmed by how challenging things seem. But if we slowly start to take responsibility for where our focus is, along with the actions we take, an energy is released that starts to gain momentum. As this momentum is expressed in our lives, oftentimes pain, symptoms and disease can powerfully shift.

Ask yourself the right questions

Once people start to look at their disease as an opportunity to live more powerfully and authentically, we can start to ask ourselves some important questions. In life, do you tend to take a risk and express yourself and be vulnerable? Do you value yourself enough to respectfully state your opinion, even when it may conflict with that of others? Are you able to prioritize doing things that we all may want to put off, but over time lead to a better life experience (like exercise, eating well and maintaining strong social networks). In short, how are you living? How are you choosing to interact with others, and show up for things that are important to you? Is your life aligned with what you believe is most important, or are you engaging in things/with people to maintain the status quo, or to make other people happy? Do you have any tough decisions you’ve been avoiding?

These are changes only we can make. No professional, no matter how gifted, can do it for us.

So get ready to feel a little uncomfortable with this process. And that makes sense — if it was easy, we would have done it a long time ago. You can look for that “sweet spot” where you are still challenging yourself, but not pushing yourself too far into overwhelm. Signs that you are on the right track include increased feelings of energy, connection, vulnerability, openness and humility.

It can be a new perspective to allow our condition to point us toward a more meaningful life. As symptoms present a chance to change our focus, a more authentic version of ourselves begins to emerge. We start to uncover the gifts hidden within our circumstances. We step into powerful ways of living that set us up for the best chance to turn pain into progress and create a different future.

Dr. Laura Konopacki

Dr. Laura Konopacki is a chiropractor and owner of Body Wave Chiropractic. She helps kids and families upgrade brain and body function using very gentle chiropractic adjustments, brain exercises and lifestyle changes. Originally from Brooklyn, WI, her 13 years in practice have been worldwide: China, Brazil, Peru, India, Spain and the U.S. Call 608-444-9906, visit our website, or stop in at 2984 Triverton Pike Dr., Ste. 102, Fitchburg.

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