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Time to play Robin Hood!

As early as the 1400s, ballads depicted Robin Hood, with his band of Merry Men, as robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Today, US’ wealth is highly concentrated among few people. As of 2010, the top 1 percent of households, the upper class, owned 35.4 percent of all privately held wealth.

The next 19 percent, mostly managers and professionals, had 53.5 percent. Just 20 percent of people owned a remarkable 88.9 percent of all wealth, leaving 11.1 percent of wealth for the bottom 80 percent, comprising mostly wage and salary workers. Eliminating home values, the top 1 percent had an even greater share, 42.1 percent.

Trends from 1983 to 2010 show an increase in net worth from 33.8 percent to 35.4 percent for the top 1 percent, whereas the bottom 80 percent went from 18.7 percent to a troubling 11.1 percent of wealth. Historically, such disparities among social strata have led to revolution.

Is paranoia a possible reason behind failure to control guns, even when the majority supports it? An early 2013 poll from the University of Connecticut found that 84 percent of Americans nationally favor requiring background checks on all firearm purchases.

If by fiat I could improve wealth inequities and control guns, I’d do it in a flash. My purpose here, however, is not to advocate social revolution or gun control but to propose that you practice Einstein Methods! When I want to feel and function better, I practice a few exercises that always work, and teach them to hundreds of clients each year.

First, we identify what appears to be our physical body as our energetic body. It will include our energetic mind. Second, we slowly separate our physical body — the one that society “uses and abuses” — from our energetic body. It will include our ego-based judgmental mind. Third, we slowly separate our spiritual/Christ body — the mediating source of beams and streams of light and love from the sun, moon, stars, God, Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna — from our physical body. We’ll associate our super ego with our spiritual body.

We can expect to have the time of our lives, better than all the amazing vacations imaginable. We practice drawing lines that play energetic Robin Hood among our three bodies by connecting our infinitely powerful spiritual body to move light and love energies into our energetic body (where we live) to give our used-and-abused physical body injections of light and love!

The many benefits of practicing Einstein Methods:

  • We quickly start feeling better about ourselves, which likely afflicts the super rich as well, when stuck in the belief that they don’t “have enough.”
  • We quickly start functioning better, and can take more effective actions to rectify discrepancies in imbalanced situations.
  • We establish the perspective that economic inequities only afflict us in the physical dimension — inherently weak anyway since everything in the universe is really energy!Perhaps we embrace the perspective of Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC) that everything changes and nothing stands still. Whoever we are, whatever our physical station, our rightful heritage is to attain spiritual mastery.

Through Einstein Method exercises, spiritual mastery has practical, beneficial effects on how we feel and function by increasing energetic frequencies where they’re stuck in low gear. It’s like selling weak currencies, likely to become weaker, to acquire strong currencies whose values are certain to increase.

Practicing to attain spiritual and energetic mastery also leads us toward mental, emotional and physical mastery! We can appreciate that affluence doesn’t buy love, health or happiness. The selfish rich may die miserable deaths because they’ve overlooked what’s really important: caring about and sharing with others.

We’ll be happy to know that many super rich people know and appreciate this. Scores of billionaires have signed The Giving Pledge, and have pledged to give away most of their wealth for humanity’s good by the time they die.

Shall we discuss by email ways that enlightened affluent people can ameliorate economic imbalances that threaten America’s viability and constrain us from having the happy, healthy society that we deserve?


Howard Nelson, “Omar,” BA, MS, almost PhD, works in Madison and coast-to-coast to blend 50 modalities into liberating mind, body and spirit healing sessions. is currently in reconstruction. For more information, call 608-658-6718 or email [email protected]

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