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Restoring body and mind — Tracy Jobe offers healing massage and more

When it comes to her clients experiencing discomfort and pain, Tracy Jobe hears it all the time: “I used to be able to” and “I’m just getting older.” It’s a common mindset, but the phrases, and the feelings, don’t have to be. Her business, Restorative Massage LLC, encompasses a variety of techniques to help combat the sensation of being trapped in a body that doesn’t perform as well as it should.

“I love hearing people come in and say that they can’t do something because it’s such a journey,” Tracy says. “It’s great seeing them be able to get out and enjoy life again.”

Using therapeutic massage and energy work, Tracy has been tapping into an aspect of health care that has the potential to improve both body and mind for a variety of ages for over ten years. She credits the body for its capacity to work through and relieve issues, and therefore sees herself as a facilitator rather than a cure.

“I’m always amazed by our body’s own natural ability to heal,” Tracy says. “It really does know what to do. Clients often say, ‘Thank you, you fixed me!’ but what I’m doing is helping give your body what it needs.”

A facilitator of your health journey to well-being

Along with therapeutic massage, Restorative Massage LLC promotes an overall balance in the body by offering several specialized therapies and treatments, with the added benefit of Tracy being able to customize sessions according to clients’ needs. Nothing is cookie cutter in the healing space, and her flexible nature lends itself to true therapeutic relaxation.

“You will experience a more healing massage,” Tracy says. “Instead of the typical therapy session, I combine different techniques for the individual to offer the most benefits.”

It all began with therapeutic massage itself, an important piece of the restorative puzzle. Tracy explains that while all massage is relaxing, therapeutic massage directed at myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue causes the effects of the massage to last longer and promote healing in a way that isn’t seen with traditional massage.

Restorative Massage LLC also offers bodywork and energy therapy in the form of four modalities directed toward alleviating pain and encouraging balance and well-being within our bodies.

“Craniosacral therapy has to do with everything from the cranium to the sacrum,” Tracy explains. “It’s a light touch and very gentle so it’s good for people who don’t necessarily like the feeling of massage. It also addresses the craniosacral rhythm, the on and off production of the cerebral spinal fluid — it works on balancing that rhythm.”

The therapy also focuses on the fascia inside our cranial bone, which can affect both emotional and physical pain. Tracy massages the outside, but craniosacral therapy truly addresses the fascia, the “sheet of connective tissue fibers, primarily collagen, that forms beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose and separate muscles and other internal organs,” and unresolved issues that may be unknown at the time.

Reiki is an energy work, and works closely with the seven chakras (see the sidebar for more information!) in your body. Tracy’s goal in utilizing this technique is in balancing each chakra, and thus promoting the correlating physical body system, which she explains has a lot to do with our mental health.

“We store a lot of emotion in our physical body,” she says. “When I do a Reiki session, I make sure the chakras are all balanced, connected and spinning correctly so everything is working together.”

Often referred to as Bars, Access Consciousness Bars is another aspect of energy work that Tracy uses that specifically deals with points on your head, and she likens the therapy to something we can all easily relate to.

“When I run Bars, it’s like deleting old files off of your computer,” she says. “It might be limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, or being told something is a bad idea. As kids, we get really inundated with negative information so Bars is a good way to be able to release things that slow us down and sometimes prohibit us from moving on and moving forward in a positive direction.”

Tracy also uses the Raindrop Technique, a unique body therapy that holds an energy component and uses aromatherapy, but also cites scientific reasoning in its therapeutic properties. Essential oils are dropped 6-12 inches above the spine to fall through the electromagnetic field, or your aura.

“All of the oils are picked purposefully because of their properties,” Tracy explains. “They kill viruses within the fatty cells of your spine, and are massaged into the Vita Flex points on your feet, which is similar to reflexology that go along your spine.”

The oils chosen include a balancing blend, oregano, thyme, basil, wintergreen (or birch), marjoram, cypress, peppermint, a muscle relaxing blend and a soothing massage blend. Detoxification is one of the main results, but she has also seen clients release things energetically and emotionally.

“I recently met a woman who was dealing with a lot of things regarding her inner child, and she was able to release those things,” Tracy says. “When people set an intention for the session, they usually set it to themselves, so while it was a relaxing therapeutic session, it also accomplished exactly what she needed.”

The above techniques used at Restorative Massage LLC are extremely significant in your journey to well-being, but an additional component is the BioMat, a Food and Drug Administration-approved far infrared heating mat. In fact, Tracy believes in its ability so much that it’s a part of all of the work she does.

“All of the services I provide are done on the BioMat,” Tracy says. “And it’s such a great feeling that sometimes people ask, ‘Can I just come lie on the BioMat?’ The answer is absolutely!”

Restorative Massage LLC encompasses complementary therapies and treatments that can sometimes be overwhelming, but one of Tracy’s favorite parts of her work is in educating her clients and empowering them to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

“I really like taking the time to get to know clients, not just because it helps with the treatment but again because a connection on a personal level is important to me,” she says. “Nothing is cookie cutter here, and I want to provide an education and self-care tips to clients.”

The first step? She advises to always recognize your self-worth, and to keep the bigger picture in mind.

“If you come in with an open mind, that’s a big part of it,” she says. “Don’t feel bad for taking the time to take care of yourself. We only have one physical body in this life, and we have to take care of it.”

The seven chakras

As a facilitator of your health, Tracy ensures that your body is balanced and all components are working together. By recognizing the chakras, or energy wheels, during Reiki sessions, she is able to uncover the source of both emotional and physical symptoms. The chakras spin clockwise, and each hold a different significance and focus for your overall health.

Below are the seven main chakras, their locations within your body and how they specifically concentrate on your emotional and physical well-being.

  • Root Chakra: The main chakra located at the base of the spine, the root connects us to physical wellness.
  • Naval Chakra: Just above the root chakra in the belly button region, the naval deals with money and your sense of belonging.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: At the bottom of the rib cage, the Solar Plexus focuses on our personal power and finances.
  • Heart Chakra: Found in the chest area, Tracy explains that while the heart chakra is often thought of in loving other people, it also largely focuses on self-love.
  • Throat Chakra: Encompasses speaking your truth, and being able to stick up for yourself.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Right above the forehead/middle of forehead, it is centered on our intuition.
  • Crown Chakra: Located at the top of the head, the Crown Chakra connects us to our higher self and what we feel connected to spiritually.
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