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It’s not about going big, it’s about being you

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Go big or go home”?

I can tell you, I have heard it more times than I can count. It has been shouted out at business building conferences, networking events, “change your life” conventions, success workshops, coaching classes, public speaking groups, etc.

I bought into it every single time.

I went home pumped up thinking that I needed to get off of my duff and do more. Be better. Go bigger! My message, my gift, needed to be spread across the planet. How dare I play small when so many people need what I have to offer? This was driven into my psyche for several years as I went about learning how to build my coaching/speaking business. Many of the top transformational leaders were saying it, financial/business executives spouted it out, and the success masters used it as their mantra. It made sense to me — well, kind of. As much as it got me excited, something about it seemed off.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I uncovered why it didn’t jive, and the meaning of it completely changed for me.

I was at a really rockin’, in-your-face, “Say YES! to your business” presentation. The speaker was this amazing whirlwind fireball of energy. Her enthusiasm and no holds barred attitude was completely infectious. Everyone in that room (including me) was lit on fire. And then, that one life changing moment hit. She took things to the next level by saying, “Go big! There is no going home.” While everyone else was clapping and cheering, my inner voice screamed “Bulls***!” Whoa, let me tell you, I was not prepared for this reaction. Thank goodness it happened on the inside. I quickly dismissed it, clapped along and signed up for the speaker’s upcoming workshop, thinking maybe fear was getting the best of me and I needed her guidance to truly “go big.” The next day my mind began reeling.

As a life coach, we are trained to see our clients perfect as they are. Our job is to get them to feel good about who they are, and where they are, right now — big or small, perceived imperfections and all.

Do you see where I’m headed with this?

There was this contradiction inside of me where my head was repeating the “Go big!” mantra my peers kept saying over and over, while my heart was whispering “Just do what feels good. You don’t have to be “big,” unless, of course, you want to. You are perfect as you are right now. What is so wrong about going “home”? It’s where I am. What if they are one and the same? What if?” This inner conversation went on for weeks. Before, during and after the workshop, I inner analyzed what “going big” really meant. And, when all was said and done, I decided I was “Going home” to be big my way.

Knowing that I can’t possibly be the only person who has felt this way, or struggled with this “Go big or go home” concept, I’d like to share with you some of the reminders, epiphanies and thoughts I’ve had since then:

  • “Home” is where the heart is — and the self.
  • You can’t feel “small” and expect to go “big” at the same time.
  • “Going big” is what you decide it is.
  • “Big” is who you are. How you choose to express that “bigness” is up to you.

It’s not always about “Going big” (for you are only as “big” as you think you are). Sometimes it’s just about “going home.”

“Going home” means being yourself. Connecting with your tribe. Doing what you love. Finding that balance. Being you. Living, loving, enjoying the moments of your life, regardless of what your stage looks like. “Going home” in this manner is “going big.” It is you who defines them.

Jody Pogorzelski

Jody Pogorzelski, aka “Jody Pogo,” is a Self Discovery Guide, Passion Coach and Speaker who fearlessly brings her intuitive gifts to the table to transform the lives of others in deep, meaningful and creative ways. She helps individuals to reconnect with their TRUE, authentic selves to regain clarity on the things they REALLY want to be, do, have and feel. She puts the power in their hands and guides them into creating the passionate, joy-filled life they desire and are MEANT to live. For a FREE Connection Session, contact her via email: [email protected], phone: 262-215-2286, online:, or Facebook:

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