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Looking for pain relief?

Do you have chronic, nagging pain that has been going on for months, if not years?

Is it your low back that hurts after any exertion, or your neck stiff from sitting at the computer for hours? Do head movements produce creaking noises or shooting pain into your ears, eyes or top of the head? The jaw clicks when you open the mouth, and the area between the shoulder blades is frequently burning. Of course, the hip hurts when you are walking, and then there is that occasional pain from your hip down the leg. Sciatic pain? Getting stiffer? Getting older? Too much exercise — or too little?

You have tried so many things already to get out of pain, and it all helps for a while — then the pain comes back! Is it normal to be in pain? Absolutely not!

So what did you overlook? What is missing is an understanding of your specific body structure and alignment (or misalignment) that causes joint pressure, muscle tightness, diminished blood flow, trigger points, nerve compression or nerve entrapment to mention a few of the “Pain Mechanisms” that we as Neuromuscular Therapists are addressing in a treatment session. And that understanding is obtained through a comprehensive “Postural Assessment” at the Neuromuscular Pain Clinic in Madison.

We look for the causes of your pain!

This Postural Assessment and Massage Therapy Treatment is done by Hanna Franke, WLMT, CNMT, an experienced Neuromuscular Therapist who is an expert in pain relief. She applies specific manual therapy protocols to work out knots, and strains and stresses in order to assist you to unwind and feel free and relaxed afterward.

A perfect prescription for a Muscular Renewal Process — and a way out of pain!

Come see for yourself.

Hanna Franke, CNMT

Hanna Franke, CNMT, studied with Paul St. John, the developer of St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, and is teaching his comprehensive program in various different Seminars. Hanna Franke is the owner of the Neuromuscular Pain Clinic, 715 Hill St., Madison, WI, where she is actively involved in helping a multitude of patients out of pain when other approaches were unsuccessful. Please contact her by phone 608-238-6794 or email at [email protected] of visit her at

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