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Bok choy is in season!

The season is producing beautiful bok choy and other interesting Chinese veggies like chai sim. Be sure to try some of them. Pictured with this article is fresh baby bok choy used in a crudité with sour cream with muffalata to create a spicy dip. I would also recommend using a blue cheese in your dip. So easy and terrific. Consider eating it raw* when it is this tender. And don’t forget when the plant starts to bolt, the yellow flowers are edible for your next salad.

Bok choy sautee options are endless!


Bok choy

Olive oil or water

Sauces (pick one):

  • Oyster (buy or make this classic), garnish with chopped peanuts or cashews
  • Garlic and olive oil, garnish with toasted and sauteed chopped garlic
  • Toasted sesame oil, garnish with sesame seeds
  • Ponzu and olive oil, garnish with lemon slices

Preparation 2 ways (pick one):

  1. Lightly sautee in olive oil 1-2 minutes. Turn to get a little carmelization on both sides. Then cover for another 2-3 minutes. They are then done. Serve drizzled with one of the sauces and garnishes suggested above. OR
  2. Prepare a pot of boiling water. Once the water boils, drop in your baby bok choy in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Take out and shock with cold water and an ice bath. You can hold in the refrigerator at this point. Serve cold or room temperature and drizzle with one of the sauces and garnishes suggested above. You could also make a vinaigrette and drizzle over the luscious spring treats.

*Caution: Some people do not tolerate the glusosinolates when consuming raw bok choy in large quantities, though cancer preventing in small doses.

Debi Morton

Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Café, 140 Winsted St. in Spring Green. She is a lifelong foodie, chef and advocate of eating seasonally. Debi and her husband are also organic and biodynamic growers of fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit or call 608-628-1001.

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