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Ten ways to connect with your soul

1. Get out of your head and into your heart. This is super easy for children but can be more difficult for adults. Adults tend to be intellectual, thinkers and “in their head,” while kids are in the moment and whimsical. If you need help in getting into your heart — play with a child. Observe how they follow their heart and mimic this.

2. Be in nature. Go outside and breathe. Take a walk, smell a flower or simply sit under a tree. Being in nature feeds a primal need we all share — the need for freedom and space. Sitting at a desk all day does not nurture this need; sitting in the grass does.

3. Listen and act. When you feel moved to do something, do it. Too often we think about it, debate it, call five friends and get their opinion on it and sadly, walk away from the idea. That idea is inspiration; our soul’s urging to follow our heart.

4. Move around — Our bodies were created for movement, not inactivity. Movement creates breath and breathing allows the spirit to move within us. This creates space for inspiration. When we move, we are in our bodies, which is the house of our soul. Taking care of our bodies takes care of our souls.

5. Listen. So often our angels are whispering in our ears, encouraging us to take inspired action. You may not hear the whispers directly but instead it may feel like a thought, an idea or a gut instinct. It doesn’t matter how it arrives, it only matters that we listen and take action.

6. Create. When we are in the process of creating, we move out of our left brain and into our right. Right brain activity opens us up to inspiration and soul connection. The creative activity such as painting, baking, listening to music or rearranging furniture does not matter. It matters that it brings you joy. The more you create, the more your soul sings.

7. Be quiet. Being quiet, shutting down and turning off seems to be a lost art. When we quiet our bodies and our minds, we open up space for daydreaming, which ignites our imagination. Imagination was our reality as a child, and remember what a magical place it was? Allow yourself to spend time imagining and daydreaming. Allow your soul to be inspired by your daydreams.

8. Write the story of you. Write a paragraph a day about you in whatever creative, imaginative way you can. It doesn’t have to be about your life as it is now in reality or even as you are as a human. Perhaps you want to write about yourself as an animal that wanders about and finds exciting new adventures. Or a swashbuckling pirate that sails the seas. If you need ideas to rekindle your storytelling imagination, read a children’s book.

9. Pause. Before you make a decision, even something as mundane as picking out clothes to wear, pause and see how you really feel about it. How does your body feel when you think of that decision coming to fruition? Picture yourself carrying out that decision. Do you light up with joy? If not, make a different decision.

10. Pray. Prayer is the song of our soul. It is simple, direct and has remarkable effects. Pray about everyone and everything. Pray like you breathe, without thought or effort but as a way of living.

Tanya Hiser, MS, LPC, NRT

Tanya Hiser is a holistic psychotherapist, NRT specialist and an expert in the treatment of opiate addiction. She owns Tree of Life Treatment Services in Madison where she uses cutting edge science combined with traditional psychotherapy to assist people in finding emotional and mental health and wellness. You can reach her at 608-516-4347 or visit her website

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