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Diverse food and culture lesson

I love Italian food

I love Mexican food

I love French food

I love Irish Food

I love Mediterranean food

I love Turkish food

I love Ukrainian food

I love Slovenian food

I love Polish food

I love Japanese food

I love Korean food

I love Thai food

I love Chinese food

I love African food

I love Argentinian food

I love Peruvian food

I love Island food

I love Louisiana food

I love American food

And all the ingredients, spices, vegetables, dairy, meats that make up these foods.

How can I love these foods and not love the people who create them?

I put feta (Greek) on my hamburger

I put za’atar (Middle Eastern) and harissa (African) on my vegetables

I put jalepenos (Mexican) on everything

I put cumin (Mediterranean) on my sauerkraut

I make infinite salads with quinoa (Andes)

I put bananas (Tropical) on my cereal

I put salt and pepper on everything

I eat avocados (Mexican and Mediterranean) daily

I use olive oil (Mediterranean) on everything

I put corn in, on, around, alone in cakes, grills, stir fries, stews, roast, etc.

And on and on

Come on? Can we come together?


Take any vegetable and chop — Where did it come from?

Apply an herb or seed of your choice — Where did it come from?

Select a protein (meat, fish, bean) — Where did it come from?

Cook with a fat (oil, butter) of your choosing (roast, sautee, stew or poach) — Where did it come from?

Place on seasoned rice, beans, farro, potato, tofu, pasta — Where did it come from?

Food comes together into delicious combinations, bigger than the sum of the parts from cultures all over the world. If we as a people can come together, wouldn’t that be a fantastic meal?

We are interconnected; we rely on each other; and we need all cultures, their talents and perspectives. Those values make us strong and will enable a positive, healthy, enlightened future.

Debi Morton

Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Café, 140 Winsted St. in Spring Green. She is a lifelong foodie, chef and advocate of eating seasonally. Debi and her husband are also organic and biodynamic growers of fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit or call 608-628-1001.

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