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Pellet stoves offer warm heat, convenience and savings

How would you like to pay $4 a day to heat your home? Heating with pellets is the way to go if you are interested in saving money, reducing your workload and improving the quality of living in your home. Today’s pellet stoves are efficient, good looking and low maintenance, and just one bag of pellets will keep your home warm for an entire day.

There are many fuel advantages that heating with pellets has to offer. Pellets are convenient, they stack compactly and store conveniently. Pellets load easily and cleanly into the stove hopper which is usually required only once a day, maybe even less if the stove is set on low; high combustion and low moisture combines to give the highest heat efficiency. As a biomass fuel, pellets offer the advantages of sustainable energy supplies through renewable materials.

Why choose a pellet stove? The answer is clear:

  • Instant gratification. Lighting up a pellet stove could not be easier with new digital controls that are clear and precise.
  • Care-free operating. Its smart control panels constantly monitor the operation of the stove and adjust automatically for burn efficiency.
  • No-waste programming. Turns on and off automatically to times of one’s choosing.
  • Low- to no-maintenance. Clear and specific maintenance messages keep track of hours of operation and signals when a cleaning is due.
  • Heat many rooms with one stove: A multi air option ducts heat into other rooms.

Pellet stoves are the way of the future and today’s pellet stoves allow consumers to save with style.

Article submitted by Fireplace Folks, at the Great American Chimney; Masonry, 1902 S. Stoughton Road, Madison. Fireplace Folks is a full service fireplace and masonry company that specializes in new wood stoves and fireplaces, chimney cleaning, masonry work, stove and fireplace installation, liners, chimney rebuilds and tuckpointing. For more information, call (608) 221-4415 or visit

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