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September 2015

September 2015

September 23 marks the beginning of a new season: beloved autumn. The weather and landscape are hard to beat in Wisconsin, and we could go on and on about our favorite things. But we won’t, as Edgar Albert Guest said it best in his poem:

It’s September

“It’s September, and the orchards are afire with red and gold, 

And the nights with dew are heavy, and the morning’s sharp with cold; 

Now the garden’s at its gayest with the salvia blazing red 

And the good old-fashioned asters laughing at us from their bed; 

Once again in shoes and stockings are the children’s little feet, 

And the dog now does his snoozing on the bright side of the street. 

It’s September, and the cornstalks are as high as they will go, 

And the red cheeks of the apples everywhere begin to show; 

Now the supper’s scarcely over ere the darkness settles down 

And the moon looms big and yellow at the edges of the town; 

Oh, it’s good to see the children, when their little prayers are said, 

Duck beneath the patchwork covers when they tumble into bed. 

It’s September, and a calmness and a sweetness seem to fall 

Over everything that’s living, just as though it hears the call 

Of Old Winter, trudging slowly, with his pack of ice and snow, 

In the distance over yonder, and it somehow seems as though 

Every tiny little blossom wants to look its very best 

When the frost shall bite its petals and it droops away to rest. 

It’s September! It’s the fullness and the ripeness of the year; 

All the work of earth is finished, or the final tasks are near, 

But there is no doleful wailing; every living thing that grows, 

For the end that is approaching wears the finest garb it knows. 

And I pray that I may proudly hold my head up high and smile 

When I come to my September in the golden afterwhile.”

We hope you enjoy the reprieve of the summer heat and the crisp air as much as we do!

The Nature’s Pathways Team

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