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Reaching Treetops Yoga brings sunshine and strength into Jane’s life

The person I have become through yoga can be best described as motivated, inspired, energetic, beautiful, passionate, patient, happy and so many more things. I have Reaching Treetops Yoga to thank for a large portion of those changes.

I first met Alyssa Hallen Konda, owner of Reaching Treetops Yoga, at a fundraiser for my son. My son was born with a rare spontaneous genetic disorder called Costello syndrome; he was not only born with cancer, but multiple other conditions: he had a heart defect and developmental delay, just to name a few things. He had a hard time breathing his whole first year and required two major surgeries just to get off oxygen. Our family pretty much took up residence in the area children’s hospital.

During this time, my life was crazy and exhausting. I was stuck in a dark cloud. I felt I had the worst luck in the world, having delivered stillborn twins only one year before having my special needs child. Plus, with three additional, school-aged children, all one year apart in age, I existed on auto pilot; I was in survival mode for my family. I wasn’t the only one: Two of my children were seeing a psychiatrist to help them through those tough times.

Then I met Alyssa.

We were raising funds to get our son to a medical conference in Florida and she was a vendor at the fair we put together for our son. She stopped me and not only gave me free stuff (from Norwex), but she told me about her son, who was also born medically fragile. I felt a connection with her, mom to mom.

When I met Alyssa, I was attending a $10-a-month gym and doing the same routine over and over and over again: elliptical, weights, yoga class, repeat. Except the yoga classes at this gym were nothing like what I was about to experience after adding Reaching Treetops Yoga Studio to my fitness regimen.

Alyssa told me about her yoga studio and I kept telling her, “Oh, I already go to yoga classes at the gym I go to.” I really didn’t understand how different life would be if I just checked out her studio. I experienced a blessing in disguise when my gym cut the yoga class I was attending and I decided to try out Reaching Treetops’ aerial yoga class.

It wasn’t a walk in the park at first. In fact, I was horrible at my first class. At first, I was terrified of falling on my head or letting go of the silks, and I didn’t trust that the fabric would hold me. Plus, it was hard work! But oh man was it fun!

The first thing I noticed at Reaching Treetops was how comfortable they make you feel. They were so nice! I was nervous to try something new, but when I was there, nothing else in the world mattered. Taking five minutes at the end of class for savasana — a pose where you do nothing but lay still, focusing on relaxing everything in your body, freeing your mind of anything negative and breathing in everything positive — did wonders for my spiritual and mental health.

I started going to Reaching Treetops Yoga every week. It took about three classes before the hurt of using muscles that hadn’t been exercised before became unnoticeable. My body didn’t ache like it would from a regular gym; instead, I felt stretched in every muscle, stronger in every muscle and more flexible. My back hurt less, my posture got better — I learned how to walk tall and proud. To put it simply, I felt great!

I was addicted. Within my first month I could feel muscle tone in my arms and my abs. I had little muscles popping out everywhere and would get really excited every time I noticed them. I had been lifting weights in a repetitive routine process at the $10 gym five days a week and not getting results nearly as fast as by doing aerial yoga.

One year later, I feel I am inspiring other new people in the room. I am doing the things that I was jealous I couldn’t do when I began. I would watch other students in class and think, “I wish I could do that! I want to be just like them!” and now I think I am there. I can do mostly what everyone else can do, but I am forever learning more, which is what makes it fun. There is always room to grow!

I started expanding outside of aerial and attending as many classes as I could in a week. I tried pose breakdown, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, mommy and baby yoga, kid’s aerial yoga, kid’s yoga, yoga in the park, core fusion and roll with flow. I felt my instructors becoming my friends, I could feel their light and love when I accomplished something. They were as happy for me as if they had done it themselves. Fitness was no longer tasking, it was easy — and it was something I wanted to do every single day.

I wasn’t just learning yoga at Reaching Treetops, though; I was also learning things about myself. I was doing things I didn’t know I could do. Instructors were taking their time to teach me how to be the person I wanted to become. They pushed my limits just enough to help me succeed in what I wanted to do. That feeling you get when you accomplish something that seems impossible is invigorating.

I am proud of myself for going out and doing something I never thought I would do and getting really good at it — all while taking care of four kids, one with special needs.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who would benefit from the lessons Reaching Treetops taught me. I took my kids to yoga and I taught them yoga at home. My house became a place of peace, energy and excitement. We bike, we do yoga, we run for charity and we spend more time together.

I think the most important thing about yoga is finding a place where you feel comfortable and at home. It only works if you love where you are. My $10 gym did not do for me what Reaching Treetops has done for me and my family.

Currently I am hoping to become a yoga instructor myself. I want to inspire others the way Reaching Treetops has inspired me. I want everyone to feel the joy I feel in my mind, body and soul. Let the light in me honor and inspire the light in you. Namaste! 

Reaching Treetops Yoga

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