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Do you think like a winner?

Almost everything you read concerning health and fitness mentions the importance of positive thinking to achieve success. Many people attribute their gains to lack of negative thoughts and envisioning their results. I believe one’s mental attitude and thoughts are what determine the difference between winning and losing. Exactly how important are your thoughts?

The answer to this question may seem obvious to most of us, but the effects of negative thoughts may not be so apparent. They are like extra pounds of fat that we are carrying around which can be taxing on us both physically and mentally.

Energy follows thought. Every achievement you experience began as a single thought consisting of a few micro milliwatts of energy flowing through your brain. That thought was followed by millions more. Clocked at 1,200 words per minute, thoughts have a tremendous impact on the mind, emotions and body.

When negative thoughts arise (which the body perceives as a threat), an automatic physiological response is triggered called the “fight or flight” mechanism. The body reacts as if there is a danger or a threat and prepares to either take action toward the threat (fight) or flee for its life (flight). This was a valuable human response if you were in real serious danger, but it is counterproductive in our daily activities.

The repeated and unnecessary triggering of this response causes the body to produce emergency chemicals (which includes the flow of adrenaline), and if unused, these chemicals eventually begin breaking down into other more toxic substances. The body must then mobilize yet again to get rid of the poisons, which creates enormous physiological stress. As you can see, this downward mind/body spiral can continue almost indefinitely. When it has gone on for a while, we call it depression. Life is stressful enough, so who needs the extra weight of a negative thought?

Through our many experiments, we have found that when a person is having a negative thought, they can hold on to an Equilibrex Pendent, and the effects of that thought will lessen. The energy balance of the body regains equilibrium.

Causes of negative feelings

Intimidation: Don’t be concerned with others. Focus only on yourself and your goals. Thinking and feeling positively about your aims and success will help.

Being overly sensitive: Develop emotional resilience, and don’t let outside stimuli get you down.

Preoccupation with personal hostilities: See things as enjoyable challenges. If anger arises, refocus your attention on the purpose of what you are doing. This is also a good time to hold on to an Equilibrex Pendent.

Lack of control: Observe negative thoughts as they happen, the incident that triggered them and how you reacted. Take deep breaths and visualize the thoughts leaving your mind.

Self-tormenting internal dialogue: Feelings of unworthiness result from thoughts such as “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do it, so why even try.” Stop the self-doubts.

Unrealistic expectations: There are no magic pills or potions. Your goals may take a certain amount of time depending on individual factors.

Mental poisoning: Negative comments, complaining, visual suggestions and gossip may negatively influence thoughts just by being in close proximity to this behavior. Negative thoughts create negative people, which can hurt themselves and others.

How to eliminate negative thoughts

  • Recognize your potential. Assess yourself realistically.
  • Define your purpose.
  • Set your goals. Establish short-term goals that are easily attainable and commensurate with your abilities. Approach goals realistically. Begin slowly, and as each goal is reached, make others until you attain your ultimate desired result. Goals shape what you become. Establish a definite time frame during which you intend to reach each goal.
  • Discipline yourself. Think and feel positive about your aims and success. Visualize and feel that you are already there.
  • Install motivation.
  • Have self-confidence. Believe in yourself.
  • Avoid emotionally toxic people and situations.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Accept things for the way they are. Acceptance is not the same as liking, being happy about or even condoning a situation. It is seeing something the way it is.

Everything necessary to achieve positive thoughts is within us. Negative thinking is the only thing that can obstruct your goals. Your thoughts create your reality. Motivation, drive and powerful positive thoughts will transform your life from mediocrity to excellence.

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Dr. Joanne Flanagan

Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress-handling technology, which includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors. She has worked diligently in the past ten years in determining the nature of hidden stresses that destroy vitality. The result is her invention of the Equilibrex Pendant, which lessens the effects of stress on the bio-energy field surrounding the human body. For more information and research on stress and how to protect yourself from stress-related illnesses, see Dr. Flanagan’s website at

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