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Soul Bottom Wellness

Your life is your story. You cast all the characters, star in the leading role and act as the executive producer and choreographer. Out of all the millions and millions of people on this planet, not one person is exactly the same as anyone else. Just like your fingerprints, people share similarities but overall are totally unique.

Wouldn’t it be great if your healing journey reflected that uniqueness? Think about all the time and money that could be saved if your healing was streamlined to reflect you!

This is exactly what you will find behind the doors of Soul Bottom Wellness LLC. Sisters Jennifer Sturm and Jaimie Schultz teamed together to streamline the holistic healing industry by creating programs and services as unique as the person seeking them. Through taking the time to listen, love and build connections with every soul that walks through their door, they show you what it feels like to get what you need, instead of just ‘another service.’

Pairing these connections with their individual expertise in holistic health, advanced energy medicine, intuitive guidance and soul coaching, they map out exactly what you need to properly heal from the inside out. If needed, referrals to other like-minded, strategic practitioners in the industry will also be given. This process, known as their Holistic Healing Map©, allows you to save your hard-earned dollars and your very valued time.

Let’s be honest: most of us know we need something, but are unsure as to what that something is. Soul Bottom Wellness LLC gives you a new set of eyes into your mind, body and soul that most have never looked through before. They give you a new, beautiful view of self and what healing truly means to you. They give you that ‘something’!

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Soul Bottom Wellness


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