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March 2012

March 2012

Spring is near! March is a month of possibility. While Wisconsin winters have a way of putting some of us in a bit of a funk, this time of year awakens us to the renewal ahead. The outdoor walkers emerge once again. The tulips and daffodils begin to take a peak at the world. The evenings have more sunlight to keep us on our toes a bit longer. And, if resolutions are not for you, this may be the month you get motivated to take better care of yourself.

It just so happens that March is National Nutrition Month; a good time for us to evaluate our eating habits. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created the nutrition education and information campaign in order to focus attention on the quality of food we are putting in our bodies along with the quantity of exercise we are taking in each week. Let’s all take this opportunity to better ourselves! There are a number of Web sites to help you on your wellness journey.

Having three teenagers who thrive on technology, I can hold my own, well, on the computer anyway. When I finally get “my turn,” I enjoy visiting It is here where I am reminded what a huge responsibility parents have in teaching our children about healthy eating habits. Their nutrition impacts the development of their minds and bodies. As a parent, “you can help pave the way for a lifetime of better moods and better health by helping them develop an appreciation for planning, preparing and eating a range of tastes.” I’ve also learned from experience that the earlier you start, the better. At my house, you’re just not going to slip a healthy beet past the tightly clenched teeth of my 16-year-old, 175-pound, muscle-bound son wielding a menacing fork! In his case, I concede that I probably started too late.

Our authors this month are especially excited to have the chance to educate you with their health and wellness expertise. Mary Wishmann shows you how you can be an environmental activist by reading labels and avoiding triclosan, a popular antibacterial ingredient. Ingo G. Mahn shares great information on why your search for optimal health should start by examining your mouth. Don’t forget about the health of your pet … Dr. Jodie reminds you about the importance of exercise, especially during Wisconsin winters. And so many more great articles await you in this edition. Please read on!

I hope you are able to use some of what we offer this month to better your health and wellness — the possibilities are endless!

When Bruce Bessert, director of the Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship, was looking for a versatile vehicle with a small carbon footprint for campus use, he turned to Bob Mair, major accounts/fleet manager with MEE Material Handling Equipment, LLC (MEE). Bessert met Mair at an environmental function and says he…
Imagine the following scenario: Lately you haven’t been feeling well. You’ve been to almost every type of practitioner. The prescribed pills, supplements and treatments have resulted in some minimal improvement, but you are still not feeling as well as you would like. If you suddenly became aware of a toxin…
With Wisconsin’s extraordinarily warm winter this year, we are well under way with planning for our outdoor crops. Similarly, both avid and new gardeners are beginning to approach us for garden supplies and plants. Every day we receive phone calls or walk-ins inquiring about the coming season. Traditionally we’ve offered…
Recent reputable polls document widespread public mistrust of science, conspicuously regarding — but by no means limited to — the realities of anthropogenic global warming and evolution by natural selection.Because mitigation of climate change poses an immense and immediate challenge to humanity, and the understanding of evolution is fundamental to…
Almost everyone can make small changes to enhance their health and the environment. By avoiding just one ingredient, we may be able to avoid future health issues, and be kind to Mother Earth as well. Ban triclosan from your bathroom and replace it with essential oils to “kill germs.” Triclosan,…
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