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April 2012

April 2012

April is always an exciting time of year for those of us who plant gardens. The earth becomes ready to till, temperatures are on the rise and our energy levels seem to get a spike. Growing up, my dad had it mastered. Just the right seed varieties were ordered, crop rotation was mapped out and soil was prepared to perfection. Let the work begin!

It is so appropriate that we celebrate Earth Day this month. April 22 marks the 42nd anniversary of this movement to encourage awareness and appreciation for Earth and its resources. This year, Earth Day Network calls upon “more than one billion people around the globe to help Mobilize the Earth™.” We are encouraged to unite for a sustainable future and encourage others, including organizations and governments, to do their part.

What difference can we make? Maybe, as a family, you could plant a tree in remembrance of a departed loved one; or individually make a commitment to write to your government officials, shop local or invest in reusable, canvas shopping bags. When taken collectively, these small acts can make a difference!

We have so many great articles to share with you this month. Speaking of planting, Will Allen of Growing Power gives us “the dirt” on the importance of healthy soil and why we should both make and use compost. Alexandria Binkowski gives us a good overview of naturopathy, a system of holistic medicine. And, Bob Mair offers an option for you to consider in light of rising gas prices. These are just a few examples of ways you can live healthier and reduce your carbon footprint … please read on for more!

Best wishes to all of you on your path to healthy living. Please find a special way to leave your mark this Earth Day!

A fresh bar of natural soap. The wrapper crinkles as it falls away, revealing a solid, shapely slice, smooth and unctuous. Delicate aroma or abundant bouquet? Creamy white or enthusiastically shaded by minerals, herbs, spices or flowers? Is the lather foamy or bubbly? Does it rinse off easily or linger…
Outside, the birds are flying north, the worms are resurfacing and the days are getting longer: spring is on its way. At Growing Power this means we are planting seeds for transplants, transforming our hoop houses for the warmer weather and, most importantly, composting over 40 million pounds of food…
There is a growing trend in America, a movement back to the natural, holistic approach to healing and healthcare … and Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, a holistic psychotherapist, couldn’t be more thrilled. She understands that, “many, many people are desperately seeking the holistic approach in therapy and healing, one that…
When you fast, you are taking on a deliberate absence of food. Fasting is being looked at by many as a healthy process of cleansing one’s system. This process is proclaimed to rid the body of so-called toxins, boost metabolism and jump start weight loss. However, none of this is…
Electric vehicles have long been promoted as the future of vehicle travel in the United States. Reduced dependence on foreign oil and cleaner operation are two of the primary reasons for this. If speculation is correct, however, another reason for going electric will arise by this summer — skyrocketing fuel…
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