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June 2012

June 2012

Summer has arrived!

This can be such a carefree, yet productive time of year. On one hand, school’s out, your employer may offer “summer hours,” you don’t have to grab a coat or sweatshirt on your way out the door, and many families make time to take getaways. Aah, this is the life!

On the other hand, with June being the month with the longest daylight hours of the year; oh, the things we can accomplish! Do-it-yourself projects, landscape maintenance, tending the garden and, well, see your to-do list.

Speaking of things some of us don’t care to do, why won’t men go to see their health practitioners? In fact, according to, Inc. women go to health specialists four times more frequently than men do. Their survey revealed these top 5 responses from men when asked why:

No. 1 “I don’t have time.”

No. 2 “Because my wife/mother/sister nags me.”

No. 3 Lack of female encouragement (aka nagging).

No. 4 “I’ll tough it out.”

No. 5 “I’m fine.”

It seems unless there is a major problem, men aren’t going to their health practitioners for prevention. Since June 11-17 (ending with Father’s Day) is National Men’s Health Week, I ask that all of you male readers honor that by making an appointment if you haven’t had a visit in a while. Do your families and yourselves a favor and go!

Our authors have some great articles for all of you, men and women, this month. Kathy Larson poses the question, “Is your weight hurting your relationship?” and the answer may surprise you. Alexandria Binkowski shares what you can learn from a photo of your aura, interesting! Caitlin Brotz has some natural skin care tips for all of you gardeners. And, of course, there are many more, so enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there! Make some time to enjoy a healthy getaway or get-together with your family.

In health and happiness,


P.S. And for all of you No. 3s out there, "Make an appointment already!"

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