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August 2012

August 2012

Time flies.

August is the month we tend to focus on child wellness and back to school. Considering how fast June and July just flew by for most “vacationing” students, they seem better able to relate to their parents’ constant lamenting, “Where has the time gone?” Indeed, they grow up too fast.

As the countdown to another school year begins, it’s only natural that parents start to assess the health of their little scholars. While it is clear that we must encourage our children to get enough activity each day, it can be a real challenge getting them to eat right and providing them with the supplements their growing bodies need.

Multivitamins? Essential fatty acids? Calcium? Vitamin C? It can be overwhelming! Since the real answer is unique for each child, depending on their diet and other factors, it is important that you connect with their pediatrician or a certified nutritionist at your natural health store.

And don’t forget their eyes! August happens to be Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month. This is the perfect time of year to set up a vision exam to ensure they start off the school year on the right foot with adequate vision and overall eye health. Having had a glaucoma scare recently with a dear teenage friend of our family, I can attest to the value of a thorough exam each year.

Parents have much to consider for the health of their children! While it may feel overwhelming at times, possibly the best thing you can do is be a good example for them. It is amazing how much children pick up on just by watching our healthy choices.

I hope this month’s issue is a valuable resource for you in your efforts. Kathy Larson shares some easy ways to simplify your life. We welcome a new advertiser, Maximized Food Source, you can contact to learn more about the value of consuming organic food and drink. And, Average Jane takes us along when she visits Life Force Wellness Center as she searches for a more balanced life. Please read on for more great educational articles!

Now, let the countdown for back to school begin!

In health and happiness,


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