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Dr. Julie Wyss, BS, DC, Webster Certified

Dr. Julie Wyss, BS, DC, Webster Certified

Dr. Julie Wyss and her husband Dr. Skip Wyss are the owners and pediatric chiropractors at Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic, the largest family chiropractic office in Wisconsin that specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy at 2830 Curry Court Ste #2, Green Bay. The doctors are both certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster Technique, used to treat pregnant women and help with optimal fetal positioning for an uncomplicated delivery. The doctors are both completing their CACCPs and DACCPs, 400-hour grueling programs through the ICPA, which raises the bar for chiropractic standards in the care of pregnant women, infants and children. The doctors are both board certified by the state in nutrition, authors, parents, internationally recognized speakers on pregnancy and pediatrics and are very active in their community and nonprofits. You can contact them at 920-468-4199 or via the web at

Many people feel it’s simply OK to have allergies or suffer from asthma — that it’s quite normal to be allergic because so many other people are also afflicted. It’s OK to have a season for coughing, blowing, wheezing and sneezing, and to carry around an emergency inhaler. It’s not!

Thousands of children (and their parents) in communities all over the country are affected by this allergy “thing.” For those of you who haven’t been effected, you’re looked upon with envy at certain times of the year. Millions of hard earned dollars are spent on over-the-counter drugs, weekly shots and physician visits. Then there’s time off from school (or work) and the effect of little “Sneezy” on the family.

The toll from asthma and allergies is immense. It may sound appalling, but that toll is much to the delight of the pharmaceutical cartel. There’s great profit at stake!

Many parents don’t question why their children, or even themselves, have allergies or breathing difficulties. It has just become an accepted part of life. Allergies seem to be a problem with no apparent solution. Asthma seems to keep kids on the sidelines while friends play away. Why is that?

What makes one child allergic and another not? Why would one child be allergic to cats, dogs, fur, feathers, grasses, tree pollens and our all-time favorite, peanut butter? We all live on the same planet. We’re all essentially the same.

If we took one individual with allergies or asthma and one without and boiled them down to their essentials, we would end up with approximately 71 pounds of chemicals. The rest would be water, but the chemical composition would be the same in both individuals.

The difference is most often seen in how one child’s or adult’s body is able to adapt to his or her environment and another is not.

Simply put, an allergy or asthma is the inability of your or your child’s body to handle something that is in their immediate environment: pollen from trees, grasses, flowers or peanuts. (There are also allergies to drugs, harsh detergents and other chemical agents. These allergies are seen as a protective reaction and are not the type we are discussing.) In other words, your child seems to be very sensitive to the pollen or dust in his or her environment. This is called being hypersensitive. Something is making your child’s body hypersensitive to a perfectly normal part of the environment. If that’s the case, what should the solution be? Would it include getting rid of all the flowers, trees, grasses and peanuts? Or does it make more sense to try and make the body function normally so it can handle his or her environment in a normal fashion?

Doctors of chiropractic have been helping adults and children with asthma and allergies for years. The body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. As long as the nervous system is allowed to function with no interference, the body should function normally. Often, however, some of the vertebrae of the spine become subluxated (moved out of place), affecting the way the nervous system controls body functions. By correcting these subluxations, chiropractors eliminate interference to the nervous system, allowing normal function — drug free and sneeze free!

Call your pediatric family chiropractor and get ready for a summer full of fun and sun, not sneezes and wheezes.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 18:25

Upside down “breech” baby? No worries!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chronic ear infections, headaches, colitis, leg cramping, autism, scoliosis and many conditions are often the result of a difficult birth. But not of the mom. We are referring to the stress of delivery on the baby.

Imagine being squeezed through a 10-centimeter opening. Someone grabs your head and pulls on it with 140 pounds of force. Then there are the forceps, the vacuum extraction and the caesarean section methods. The stress of delivery can have an enormous effect on the function and alignment of a baby’s delicate vertebrae, nerves and spinal cord, possibly causing a host of health problems if the nervous system doesn’t function normally.

Chiropractic care benefits all aspects of your body’s ability to be healthy

This is accomplished by working with the nervous system — the conduit of internal intelligence between your brain and body. Chiropractors work to correct subluxations, the misalignment of the individual spinal bones. When subluxated, these vertebrae, especially the sacrum, put pressure on the spinal cord and the spinal nerves, causing malfunction in parts of the body and ultimately dystocia or a difficult birth for a laboring mom.

One such malfunction is the tightening of pelvic muscles and ligaments to produce a change in the way the uterus functions. This is called “in-uterine constraint.” It’s these tense muscles and ligaments and their constraining effect on the uterus that prevents the baby from comfortably assuming the normal vertex (head-down) position.

A safe and successful approach

Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in Georgia, developed a specific and safe technique to restore the proper pelvic structure and function of pregnant women. It’s called “The Webster Technique.”

This technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment with related soft tissue release for correcting subluxations in all weight baring individuals especially the pregnant woman’s sacrum and pelvis. The adjustment reduces the effects of subluxation and/or SI joint dysfunction allowing for neurobiomechanical function. In other words, it relaxes the mother’s pelvic muscles and ligaments, providing the physiological environment necessary for normal baby positioning. This is very important for a baby in the last trimester of pregnancy. There is little room for the infant to turn and he can become constrained within the uterus. The head of the baby can be forced onto his shoulder, or the knee can rest upon the face or the spine bends to the side.

Babies who assume these positions can usually free themselves with little difficulty. Prior to delivery, the baby should normally assume the head-down position in readiness for being born. This type of position is easiest for delivery. Often however, the baby will be in the opposite position — head up. This is called a breech position and makes birth more difficult.

When a baby is breech

In expectant mothers presenting with a baby in a breech or any other position except vertex position, The Webster Technique has shown a 75 to 95 percent success rate of allowing the baby to assume the normal vertex position.

It has been strongly recommended by trained doctors that this technique be used throughout pregnancy to detect subluxations and prevent dystocia or intra-uterine constraint. Because this technique has been so successful and totally pain-free, many women across the USA have been asking their obstetricians, physicians and midwives to refer them to a pediatric chiropractor who is certified in its use.

Because of the effect the chiropractic adjustment has on all body functions, all pregnant women should have their spines checked regularly utilizing The Webster Technique through pregnancy to optimize health for themselves and their developing baby. Many of our moms after experiencing pregnancies and delivery with and without proper pregnancy specific chiropractic care report much more comfortable, easier, safer, relaxed and faster births because of the improved neuro-biomechanics of the mom’s pelvis and ligaments. What mother wouldn’t want a more relaxed and calm start for their newborn child!

Chiropractic care from conception and continued after birth for both mother and child into old age has given many families an opportunity for greater health. Contact your pediatric and pregnancy trained chiropractor today to experience it firsthand!

Friday, 25 March 2016 03:19

Squeaky joints got you down?

Most people think that arthritic conditions only affect the elderly, but the sad reality is that we see a large number of children in our clinic with the beginnings of osteoarthritis — spinal degeneration. Some of these children are very young — six, seven and 10 years old!

The type of arthritis we are describing is osteoarthritis, most often touted as a “wear and tear” type phenomenon, which for years has been associated with aging. This type of arthritis is the most widespread. It can be detected in 35 percent of the general population by the age of 30, although our experience tells us that this number should be closer to 70 percent to be more accurate. By the time someone is 70 years old, this condition seems to be universal.

A study by J.S. Lawrence, an osteoarthritis specialist in the US, a few years ago revealed that osteoarthritis can be noted on an X-ray in 10 percent of 15 year olds. (From our experience with children and research, that figure should be closer to 50 percent.)

This is not OK!

Osteoarthritis has been characterized clinically by pain, deformity, limitation of movement and eventually, by disability. It has been universally accepted as a simple and inescapable part of aging. Any notion or thought even remotely associated with slowing it down, stopping it or most certainly, reversing this condition, has been looked upon until recently as absolute “heresy.”

Repairing the joints

Joints in your body are areas where two bones come together for the purpose of movement. The ends of these bones are lined with a very special material called cartilage, which is designed in such a way as to prevent friction so that movement is smooth. (As a matter of fact, the surface of the cartilage that lines your joints is so perfect it’s to be almost frictionless.) It is a self-regenerating mechanism — cartilage has the ability to regenerate. The whole joint is then bathed continuously in a special synovial fluid, which acts like a lubricant.

Essentially, osteoarthritis is your own body’s attempt to repair something that has been damaged or under undue stress, such as from a vertebral subluxation — a change in the alignment or function of some of the bones of the spine.

Vertebrae in the spine are separated by a disc, which also undergoes a number of changes. It tends to decrease in size and fissures form in its material. This tends to lead to instability and as a result, the normal body’s repair phenomena is called into play in an attempt to stabilize an area that is unstable. As a result, we see the formation of calcium deposits and bone spurs. These are seen as buttressing mechanisms to aid stability. Arthritis is now no longer seen in terms of an actual disease; it is viewed as your own body attempting to repair an area of your spine that is unstable.

Arthritis is not caused by aging, it’s caused by some of the vertebrae in the spine being subluxated and never corrected, among other reasons. The reason we see it in children is often as the result of some traumatic incident that caused the subluxation to begin with.


It’s possible to not only slow down this condition but also to arrest it and actually reverse the damage! It’s important to have children checked to determine whether or not they have subluxations, not only from the perspective of ensuring normal health and function of the nervous system, but also to make certain there is no error in the function of the vertebrae, which would then cause this arthritic process.

What can I do?

  • Ingest approximately 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine sulphate with chondroitin per day, with meals. Glucosamine is part of the collagen matrix that makes up the substance of your discs and ligament structures. It will literally “feed” your discs. Chondroitin provides the raw materials needed for the repair of cartilage lining your joints.
  • Boswelia Complex will reduce much of the inflammation and hence the pain of osteoarthritis. Take calcium and magnesium, 1,500-2,000 milligrams per day.
  • Take lots of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, between 2,500-8,000 milligrams per day. Vitamin B-complex is also important.
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 21:07

Childhood ear infections

Childhood ear infections are frightening to parents mostly because they come on suddenly with no warning and at night while fast asleep. Your child is very hot, flushed and glassy eyed with a fever; inner ear problems, inner ear infections and earaches are a simple part of growing up — a sign that your child’s immune system is doing its job!

Why does my child get a fever?

When a child has an earache like an inner ear infection, the immune system and nervous system command many body functions to speed up, part of your normal defense system. All this extra activity produces more work. More work produces more heat. We call this a fever. It is not a bad thing: it is part of your body doing exactly what it needs to do to get rid of the germs. So don’t panic!

How do kids get inner ear problems?

As chiropractors, we see ear infections as a malfunction of the immune system and lowered immune resistance. In other words, the body is not able to fight off the infection. The main cause of lowered immune resistance in the body can be the birth itself. It is very traumatic. The stress associated with the average uncomplicated delivery may easily cause a vertebral subluxation, a misalignment of some of the segments of the spine affecting the way the child’s nervous system reacts to the world around them. Additional factors that are thought to increase risk of ear infection are:

  • Sibling with history of ear infection
  • Bottle-fed infants
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke
  • Daycare attendees
  • Prior antibiotic history
  • Male gender

The most common treatments used for inner ear problems are antibiotics, decongestants, tubes in the ears and surgery. You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of all of these are highly questionable and research concludes that recovery time is about the same for children whether medical treatments were done or nothing was done at all. Eighty-eight percent of children with ear infections never need antibiotics, nor do they shorten the span of the infection.

The body knows. In order for this to make sense, parents need to understand that the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism. In other words, it is designed to heal itself and regulate its own internal functions. When was the last time you had to instruct your stomach how many enzymes and chemicals to produce to digest a meal? The body knows what it’s doing, and it does it perfectly without our meddling.

Chiropractic care is absolutely essential for children, especially in cases where the immune system needs a boost. We have also found that, as an adjunct to chiropractic care, the following will be very helpful in dealing with children who have chronic ear infections:

  • We encourage our parents to avoid using Q-tips or shoving anything into the ear canal. Many parents are not aware that ears are designed to clean themselves; when an object is shoved into the ear canal, it causes this self-cleaning mechanism to be clogged.
  • Warm salt water drops in the nose will often clear the entrance to the Eustachian tube, the blocked passageway between the inner ear and the nose.
  • For the child with a full-blown ear infection, we recommend a touch of warm olive oil or oregano oil poured into the affected ear. This will help to alleviate the considerable discomfort almost immediately.
  • 2,000 to 7,000 mg per day of vitamin C and an 8 ounce glass of raw carrot juice (vitamin A) daily are both beneficial.
  • To give the immune system increased function, have your child take a great multi-vitamin. We recommend Catalyn three times per day from Standard Process.
  • Vitamin B6 has been known to increase immune system function.

And, of course, love, lots of hugs and cuddles will do wonders in helping your child toward a speedy recovery! Join us on Feb. 22 for our “Raising a Superhero Kid” series to learn more!


References: “The Burden of Otitis Media.” Vaccine. M. Rovers.

“Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media.” Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics Subcommittee on Management of Acute Otitis Media.

Monday, 28 December 2015 04:55

Toxins, trauma, thoughts and our children

We live in a time when children are exposed to more drugs, toxins and stress than ever before. According to David Katz, M.D., Director of Yale-Griffin Prevention Research, we live in a time when “due to poor diet, this generation of children has a shorter life expectancy than their parents!” The overuse of antibiotics, vaccine schedules, over-the-counter drugs, and puffers and inhalers are quite the bombardment to a child’s growing body. Any new furniture, cars or carpet have many harmful and toxic chemicals lurking in them, not to mention our cancer-causing hand soaps! Even our food supply can be a detriment to our bodies. Many are laced with harmful pesticides, genetically modified organisms and ultimately have no nutritional value.

Our children have learned to crawl, walk, and finally run but not without incident (trauma). There were many falls, bumps and bruises along the way. Most times we picked them up and inspected for blood or broken bones, the crying stopped and we assumed everything was OK, no worries.

Has your child been a victim of bullying or teasing(negative thoughts)? Many video games portray violence as an everyday occurrence and that it is OK. Do we monitor what our children watch and discuss what they are seeing? What about our very demanding and competitive sports we enroll our children in?

Not everything needs to be gloomy. There is a sun shining on the horizon. In order to begin to make changes in your and your child’s life, you need to understand a few very important things.

You need to understand that your brain — your nervous system — totally controls you. All of you! Every little bit. And we didn’t make that up! Gray’s Anatomy (the textbook, not the TV series) says so!

It controls the function of every organ, cell and tissue; your brain and nervous system control every part of your being. Your nervous system is comparable to a super computer that runs the whole show. In order for your brain to communicate effectively with your body, however, there must be a connection between the brain and your body. That connection is called the spinal cord, just part of your nervous system. For those of you who are not very clinically oriented, think of the spinal cord as a telephone cable containing millions of tiny wires called nerves. They originate in your brain and travel along your spinal cord to different parts of your body; the longest nerve in your body being the sciatic nerve (it extends into your toes!). And it can be up to seven feet long. That’s a lot of nerve!

So, how important is it that your nervous system is functioning optimally, as often as possible, from this day through the rest of your life? How do we begin to change our future generations?

First, consider purchasing “green” and nontoxic products for your home. Avoid anything with chlorine, antibacterial properties, triclosan or ammonia. Look for products that say “petroleum-free” 90 percent biodegradable, “VOC-free” and “solvent-free.” Eating organic, meeting local farmers, or better yet planting your own family garden, can keep food additives at a minimum.

Second, teach your children to recite affirmations. Positive thoughts like, “It will be OK” and laughter truly can be the best type of medicine. Yoga and meditation can help a child to have a better focus and life in general.

Lastly, a healthy, properly functioning nervous system is one of the best ways to keep your children healthy. A pediatric chiropractor can begin this process while a mom is first beginning to think about a family. Pregnancy specific chiropractic adjustments are vital for a healthy baby and mom. What mom wouldn’t enjoy an easier and quicker birth and delivery? Chiropractic kids are often happier and healthier children.

With a few of these modifications to your family lifestyle and visiting a pediatric chiropractor regularly you can begin to safeguard your child’s health. For information on finding a pediatric chiropractor in your area, go to: For more information on these topics and how to raise a healthy child in an unhealthy world, please visit for the “Raising a Super Hero Kid” lecture series.

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