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  • January 2016
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Outdoor workouts for families

In Wisconsin we have to take advantage of our great resources! For example, you can take some of your favorite fitness classes outside! Most local gyms offer outdoor boot camps that are guaranteed to give you an amazing work out and deliver results. You can also check out the local trails or the Bruce Purdy Nature Preserve. These scenic pathways will get your heart rate up with all the different elevations to keep your body guessing what is next. You can walk, jog or do interval training to spike that heartrate. Run the hills and even look for stairs to walk or run. The natural resources that we have in Wisconsin are incredible and we don’t have to go that far to take advantage of them!

Check out High Cliff State Park. You can bike, hike, rollerblade and even swim. All while enjoying the scenery of the trees and lake. Did you know that Wisconsin has over 15,000 lakes? Go to your local sporting goods rental shop and rent a paddle board or a kayak. These are great ways to get out on the water and get a wonderful workout in at the same time. The best part in the summer is when you get hot, you can jump in and burn more calories swimming!

Local schools offer tracks to run and you can add variety by running the stairs in the bleachers. Go to a trail (such as the CE Trail) and make it into a course. At every bench you see, do tricep dips, pushups (either hands on or make it harder and put your feet on), planks, step ups (one foot on and the other repeats from ground to bench), or lunges with a foot on the bench. Even get some of that much needed vitamin D from the sun!

Wisconsin also offers a wide selection of different races, from your local 5K Fun Run to a 50K Ultra Marathon. These are great things to do as a family, whether you are pushing your children in a jogging stroller or they are running alongside of you. It is a great way to get the family healthy and have fun doing it!

If you are going to the park with your family, sneak in a workout! Do the monkey bars with your kids and add in some pullups! Put your feet in the swing and use it like a TRX. You can do pushups, pikes and planks. For an added twist, make it interval training and run laps around the park between sets.

Always remember to wear comfortable clothing, proper sunscreen (even in the winter!) and stay hydrated! Remember: drink enough water before, during and after your exercise to keep your body healthy. 

Chelsey Latimer

Chelsey Latimer holds a Bachelor’s Degree from UW- Milwaukee, is a fitness coordinator at the Apple Creek YMCA and certified instructor who teaches many different classes such as strength, boot camp, Zumba, yoga and group cycling.

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