• South Central Wisconsin
  • May 2011

Will Meets Amy: Average Jane’s Horse Meets Hikari Natural Healing

There's a special bond between some horses and their people. So it is with Will, the big black gelding that first stole my heart and then my daughter's. Will is a 9-year old Quarter Horse who has been in our family for nearly three years. We are not clear what his life was like before he became ours, so many of the issues he has might be attributed to that.

In February, we moved Will and his "sister" Mecina to a wonderful new stable, Black Forest Farms near Blue Mounds. The setting is perfect in every way: lots of huge pastures, plenty of other horses nearby so Will and Mecina feel like they are part of a large herd and the farm's owner is a wonderful woman who understands horse psychology. Both horses seemed to love it at Black Forest for the first few weeks we were there. Then, Will got crabby and pushy, and didn't want to do anything except eat. His behavior went from being completely calm and happy in his new home to being erratic and bordering on dangerous. He showed no signs of physical illness, and we were stumped as to the cause of this behavior change. I talked with a friend who told me about Amy Pikalek and Hikari Natural Healing.

Amy is a Master level certified Reiki practitioner. I did my research, and discovered that Amy felt called to become a Reiki practitioner after seeing the dramatic changes Reiki had on her own Quarter Horse who was experiencing great pain from arthritis. Amy tried all forms of traditional medicine but nothing alleviated his pain. On her web site, Amy said, "After four sessions of Reiki, Max began moving like never before. Not only had his physical body changed, but his heart was open. There are no more behavior problems, and our bond is stronger than ever before." Feeling a hope that we hadn't felt for quite some time, we made an appointment with Amy.

Amy met us at Black Forest Farms on a very cold, windy afternoon. She asked that Will be placed in his stall or other enclosed area so he would have the option to move around and accept the energy in whatever way he was comfortable with. Amy explained that Reiki provides comfort to people and animals of all species and that Reiki treats the whole being on a physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological level. She said that Reiki works well in combination with traditional medical care, and that Reiki often has a profound impact on animals and owners alike. She also told us that the other animals in the barn might possibly benefit from her session with Will.

Amy was with Will in his stall for approximately 30 minutes. During that time, Will turned to face her on several occasions, touching her gently with his nose and then returning to munching on his hay. He was calm and relaxed during her entire visit. The other animals in the barn were unusually quiet, as well. Even the usually rowdy goats were silent. At one point, Will looked directly at me, and it felt as if all the love in the universe was passing between us. When we talked later, Amy revealed that this was when she was working on Will's heart chakra.

While I cannot say I understand everything that happened between Will and Amy that afternoon, I do know that we see a positive change in Will's behavior after Amy's visit. Will seemed happier, more willing to do ground work, and began playing with Mecina again. Will seems happier with the people in his life, his relationship with my daughter is more peaceful and loving, and he is far less pushy and erratic. And the goats? They've gone back to being their usual rowdy selves!

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