• South Central Wisconsin
  • September 2011
Written by  Amy J. Pikalek

Live life to the fullest with the 5 Reiki precepts

One of the first things a Reiki practitioner learns in his/her training is the five Reiki Precepts, or rules of conduct about how to "live" the Reiki philosophy. While living his/her life according to these precepts is intended to help the healing energy flow more strongly between practitioner and client, in reality, thinking about these concepts can help anyone live a more honest, balanced and joyful life.

1. Just for today, do not worry.

Do not waste precious energy worrying about the past or the future. Rather, it is in your best interest to spend positive energy focusing on the present. If you regret past actions, forgive yourself, be grateful for the lesson you have learned, and move on. Similarly, if someone else has hurt you in the past, wish them well, and hope they, too, have learned from their actions.

There is no point in being anxious over what has yet to come in the future. Rather, spend your time contemplating current choices. What has the universe set up for you today? The attitude you project comes back to you. If love, graciousness and truth are your guides, they will return to you and impact the choices you have available to you in the future in a positive way.

2. Just for today do not anger.

Anger causes us to lose perspective and trigger anger in others. Every thought, action and reaction we have to or about a given situation is there for a reason. Consider it something from which we can learn. Those around us who 'push our buttons' are truly not the cause of our anger but often are drawn to us energetically by our own thoughts and feelings, even if on a subconscious level. The best reaction is to consciously stop the anger and be grateful for the opportunity to learn something about yourself.

Also, learning to treat anger as a constructive learning opportunity is of benefit because anger tends to increase the disharmonious negative energy in your physical body, leading to illness.

3. Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

When we are constantly grateful for all we have received and learned, we will continually be provided for and will magnetically attract positive energy to us. So, it makes sense to be grateful for those who have taught us valuable lessons in our lives. If you dwell on what important figures in your life did NOT provide, you will continue to create unhealthy energy blockages for yourself, drawing more negative energy and imbalance to you. But, if you focus on the important things you have received from your parents, teachers, elders and other influencers in your life, the energy around is focused on happiness and joy, creating a clearer pathway for more positive things to come your way.

4. Earn Your Living Honestly.

It is important to face the truth in all things, including ourselves. Of course this isn't always easy, but when we look deeply at our own behavior and motivations and the roles that various people play in our lives, we can develop deep compassion and understanding. Living a life of illusion is much more complex, as denial blocks us from the truth. Clarity is far simpler. It allows us to be aligned with our higher-self's true purpose. In doing this, we project honestly onto others, attracting honesty, love and grace back to us energetically in return, creating greater harmony in our lives.

5. Show gratitude to every living thing.

Exactly as it is stated, show love and respect for all forms of life. In recent history the human race has shown extensive insensitivity to the delicate ecological balance of the earth, and the result has been widespread geological and ecological devastation. In order to survive, we must drop our self-centered tendency to want to control nature.

But why is this so important? Physics tells us that all things are connected energetically. Rather than being truly solid as they appear, all forms of matter vibrate at different frequencies or energy levels. These energies are all interconnected--from one thing to another. So, any positive energy, whether directed at ourselves or someone else, helps heal the planet as a whole. Thus, showing gratitude and love for every living thing becomes very, very important.

In essence, the five Reiki Precepts remind us to be conscious of our actions, to let go of worry and anger, and to honor and cultivate appreciation. Use these strategies in your own life to live with clarity, honor, joy and harmony.

Amy J. Pikalek is a Reiki master, specializing in animal Reiki. She is owner of Hikari Natural Healing, located in MaRiLa Veterinary Clinic, Cross Plains. For more information, visit http://www.hikarihealing.com.

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