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  • South Central Wisconsin
  • December 2013
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Jane gets a crown fit for a queen

“You need a root canal and a crown.” This is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear at their dentist’s office. Unfortunately for me, I’d heard those very words not too long ago. I got the root canal from my (former) dentist and, frankly, it was terrible. I can’t imagine a root canal ever being fun, but this dentist took a bad thing and made it worse. The experience was so unpleasant that I decided to seek out a new dentist for the crown. I soon found myself in the care of Dr. Batchelor at Excellence in Dentistry. I’m so glad I did.

From the moment I entered the office, I had a feeling that it was going to be a positive experience. For one thing, the reception staff was all smiles — exactly what you want to see at a dentist’s office! And the waiting room was more like a cozy living room than a reception area. There were comfortable couches and pillows, soft lighting, and lots of plants and artwork. The vibe was very warm and welcoming, not sterile like so many dental offices.

The place even smelled inviting. One thing I’ve always hated about going to the dentist is the smell. Most waiting rooms have that hospital smell hanging in the air, all latex and chemicals, reminding you of whatever grim procedure awaits inside. Not so at Excellence in Dentistry. The whole waiting room smelled as if someone were baking chocolate chip cookies. Then, to my surprise, I saw that there were warm, freshly-baked cookies set out for all of the patients to enjoy!

Minutes after sitting down, I was called back to the treatment room by Dr. Batchelor’s assistant. She was very gentle while taking my X-rays, though I hardly noticed that she was doing anything at all. I was too busy enjoying the massage chair she had me reclining in. Before I knew it, Dr. Batchelor was sitting right down by my side, explaining in clear, simple language each step of what he was about to do. Knowing precisely what I was in for alleviated my anxiety considerably, and I could hardly believe it when, less than 30 minutes later, he told me in his kind voice that I was through. He sent me on my way with my new temporary crown and detailed instructions on proper care. The entire procedure was quick and painless.

The following day, while flossing my teeth, I screwed up. I popped off the temporary crown. I had received clear instructions on flossing but, willful woman that I am, I didn’t do as I was told. Feeling embarrassed, I called Excellence in Dentistry to inform them of the problem. The receptionist was very pleasant on the phone, and I was invited to come in as soon as I could get there. I drove to the office immediately and was out again in what couldn’t have been more than five minutes!

It was the same experience about a week later when I returned to have the temporary removed and the permanent crown fitted into place — quick, easy, painless. While discussing my new tooth with the doctor, I happened to mention that my son, Luke, had two cavities that he needed filled. I was then referred to Dr. Hill, who I learned is a consultant to the State of Wisconsin for treating children in institutionalized settings. I was impressed with my experience at Excellence in Dentistry, so I decided to schedule an appointment for my son.

I had warned Luke many times about taking care of his teeth. While I didn’t want to scare him, I did want to be honest with him about what would happen if he didn’t. “There would be needles and drills,” I told him. I had experienced that trauma too many times as a child, and I didn’t want him to have to go through the same thing. When I learned he had cavities, I feared the worst for him. However, I couldn’t have been more pleased with what came next.

Dr. Hill examined Luke’s X-rays and did a careful physical exam. He then told me that, instead of two cavities, there was really only one area of decay that needed attention. I was taken aback by his honesty. What was more, for this one cavity, Luke wouldn’t need a filling at all. Dr. Hill explained to me that he was going to use a precision tool to simply sandblast the decay away. No needles, no drills and no metal in my son’s mouth. Once again, the procedure was done quickly, with no anxiety and no pain.

I’m happy to report that Luke hasn’t experienced any further dental problems, and his teeth are looking great. It’s been several months now since I got my new crown, and it feels almost as though it’s been there all along. It has found a very comfortable home among my other teeth, and I’ve found a very comfortable new dental office. It’s a good feeling to know you’ve got reliable, trustworthy professionals to help you take care of your family. I found that feeling at Excellence in Dentistry.

Drs. James Hill, Amy Sergeant and Edwin Batchelor are available at two convenient Excellence in Dentistry locations: 226 W. Cottage Grove Rd. in Cottage Grove (608-478-2011) and 1001 N. Sherman Ave. in Madison (608-318-4350). For more information, visit http://excellenceindentistry.com

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