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  • Southeast Wisconsin
  • March 2014
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Jane gets a new lease on life with acupuncture

After being in a major car accident and told I would not walk normally again without the use of a cane, I thought things were hopeless. I confided in my friends and family that I felt depressed and was at a loss over what to do next. To my surprise, a number of them urged me to see Sean Tsang at Tsang Acupuncture in Mequon. After suffering through countless hours of physical therapy and trying everything doctors told me to do with hardly a positive result, I thought, “What could it hurt?” and I gave Sean a call.

From day one of walking into my first appointment with Sean, I felt right at home in his comfortable and warm office. He is a very kind, professional and welcoming man who obviously truly cares about his patients. When talking with him during my initial 1½-hour appointment, I felt hope — something I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

First we went through a health history, during which Sean really took the time to learn about me and what I was suffering from. Then he explained how acupuncture works. I admitted to him my fear of “needles” and he reassured me that the size of an acupuncture needle is only about that of a cat hair. In many cases, he explained, I would barely feel it going in. He was correct! The first acupuncture treatment did not hurt at all! Depending on the appointment and what Sean is working on, I usually wear comfortable clothing, such as jogging pants and a tank top so he can easily access the areas needed.

I saw Sean for three treatments in the first week and I instantly could tell something was working. My entire energy changed and I was feeling better and more positive. After my car accident, I developed a nearly unbearable constant high-pitched ringing in my ears. After just a few treatments with Sean, that ringing diminished to a low-pitched tone that allowed me to actually function.

My treatments soon went down to two times a week and I can now stand without being in pain and yes, I’m extremely happy to report that I can walk normally without a cane. I feel like a whole new person! I am now living life without pain or the need to take the painkillers once prescribed for me.

Sean hasn’t transformed just my life. After seeing the results I had, my sister sought out the opportunity to have her right shoulder feel better. She had been suffering from pain for years and had difficulty lifting her right hand above her head. After just three treatments with Sean, her pain was gone. She bragged that she felt like she had a completely new shoulder! My sister had seen acupuncturists before and she told me straight out: “Sean is by far the best one I have gone to.”

I would not hesitate to recommend Tsang Acupuncture to anyone! I will continue to see Sean once a week to maintain my health. I recommend to anyone suffering from any pain or illness to keep an open mind and step beyond the limits of Western medicine. Try giving Sean Tsang a call. I promise you will not regret it! 


Tsang Acupuncture

Tsang Acupuncture & Wellness Center is 909 W. Mequon Rd, Mequon WI 53092

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