Average Jane
  • South Central Wisconsin
  • April 2011

Average Jane and her kids experience Gymfinity

It’s April, the days are getting warmer and longer, and my three kids (ages 3, 5 and 10) are filled with boundless energy! Their health and wellness are important to me, and so is my sanity! A friend told me about Gymfinity Children’s Activity Center in Fitchburg, so I made an appointment with J Orkowski, Gymfinity’s owner to talk about the programs they have available.

When I drove up to Gymfinity, I was surprised at how big their facility is! The woman at the front desk was very pleasant, and invited me to wait in the viewing area located just outside the gym area. Inside the gym, I noticed three kids about the same age as my youngest daughter working with an instructor. The instructor was smiling and happy and seemed very connected with the kids who were obviously enjoying themselves!

When I met with J a few minutes later, he asked me about my kids, their ages and what my goals were for them at Gymfinity. I explained I have three kids: a daughter, 3, a son, 5, and a daughter who is 10 and in a wheel chair. I never imagined they would have so many choices for my two younger kids, but was even more amazed when J told me they have a "Special Motion" class that would be perfect for my oldest daughter.

J explained that we would decide which classes were best for my kids based on their age and their developmental stages as well. For example, my 3-year-old daughter is actually 3 years and six months old. She is very social and actually likes interacting with others without me present. She would be ready for Gym Tykes I, a class for 3-year-olds without parental involvement. There is also class for 3-year-olds in which the parents participate. This class would be for those kids that are a little shy about entering new situations when their mom or dad isn’t there with them.

My son just turned 5 two months ago. He’s shy, and less athletic than my youngest daughter. J and I decided that he would fit best in the Gym Tykes II class for 4-and 5-year-olds. J also told me that if my son started in Gym Tykes II, he could move up to a Tumbling and Trampoline class which is designed for kids ages 5 to 7. Gymfinity has so many days and times available for all of these classes: weekdays, weeknights and on Saturdays. Because I am a single mom, this variety in class times was a huge benefit.

Gymfinity’s Special Motion class is just perfect for my oldest daughter. J told me about many young people who have taken the Special Motion class and how it helped them develop core group muscle strength, flexibility and the self-confidence that being an athlete brings. The instructors for the Special Motion class don’t treat the kids any differently other kids who take classes at Gymfinity. They have goals and expectations for them, encourage them, and help them become the best athletes they can possibly be! I didn’t know such a wonderful program existed in the Madison area. Gymfinity even offers the Special Motion class at a deeply discounted price, just so that the families of these kids would be able to afford the class.

The quality of the staff and instructors at Gymfinity impressed me. J. Orkowski (owner, program director and team coach) competed internationally as a gymnast and has coached in various gyms, camps and programs for more than three decades. J shared with me that he is the Safety Educator of Wisconsin for USA Gymnastics and speaks internationally about kids’ gymnastic programs. J has two young boys who are the center of his universe. It’s obvious he cares about all kids and is a fantastic coach and role model for them.

I signed my kids up for classes at Gymfinity that day, and got information about having Gymfinity host my daughter’s 4th birthday party. Gymfinity has so many great programs and events, I suddenly wished I could be 5 years old just one more time!

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