Average Jane
  • South Central Wisconsin
  • June 2011

Average Jane visits TIBIA massage school

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I have recently begun thinking about a career change. Like many women in the middle of their working years, I feel I am being called to do something more with my life, something that gives back to the world, something that moves toward peace and health and healing. These wonderings and wanderings have led me straight to TIBIA Massage School.

I've driven past TIBIA, located at 6225 University Ave., Madison, nearly every day of my professional life. In my musings about what to do with the rest of my life, the idea of becoming a licensed massage therapist has surfaced quite frequently. TIBIA has a wonderful reputation in Wisconsin as being a solid place to receive that education. I scheduled an appointment with Terri Gomez, school director, to take a tour of the school and learn more about the program.

Entering TIBIA'S campus is a bit like walking into your favorite "safe place." The building is warm and inviting, and the sense of peace I felt while moving around in the TIBIA space was amazing. Gomez explained that TIBIA's massage therapy program is a 650-hour program that meets Wisconsin's licensure requirements. She also explained that TIBIA provides a transformational educational experience with signature training in energy, intuition, massage and bodywork techniques as well as solid grounding in massage theory and the sciences.

TIBIA's program offers excellent hands-on instruction in a variety of massage modalities and now includes Eastern bodywork course offerings. I was really excited about this because I understand the importance of integrating Eastern body work and acupressure theory with Western massage techniques and energy awareness.

TIBIA offers so much more than an integrated massage therapy program, however. During my appointment, I learned that TIBIA offers many continuing education courses in massage technique, energy work and specialty classes such as ethics and reflexology courses. TIBIA also offers a program called "IntuAction," which trains graduates in intuition and energy work so they can bring healing and peace to individuals and groups through intuition and energy sessions. I felt led to learn more about this program, and was offered an intuitive session with Michaela Torcaso, founder and president of TIBIA. Torcaso explained that an intuitive session would involve a mixture of conversation, meditative silence and guided energy work. She told me that an intuitive session could increase my awareness of being connected and grounded, help me to move beyond whatever restrictions I was experiencing, attain insights into and resolutions for any issues I might be dealing with, and help me experience inner peace. I felt completely comfortable with her and trusted her immediately. And so, we began.

Torcaso has been a facilitator of personal, relationship and group transformation since 1983. She is highly regarded in Wisconsin's health and wellness community. And when one is in her presence, you begin to understand what the word "peace" really means. While I cannot say I understand all of what occurred that Saturday morning in her office, I do know that the intuitive work we did brought me peace and a deeper understanding of myself and some very difficult circumstances I've been dealing with. When our session was finished, I felt strong and steady at my core, no longer worried and anxious but quite certain I possess all the tools necessary to move forward into the future no matter what that future holds.

After my session with Michaela, I was offered the opportunity to receive massage from Elizabeth, a recent TIBIA graduate. The massage room I was escorted to was perfect and cozy. Elizabeth asked if I preferred to receive relaxation massage or something called transformational bodywork. I've received massage for many years, but I have to say that Elizabeth's massage was the most intuitive I've ever received. The hour passed far too quickly, and she seemed to just know what areas of my body needed attention at any given moment. She used a number of modalities, and the massage not only left me feeling relaxed but the tension I'd been experiencing between my shoulders as a result of work-related stress was completely gone!

While my future vocational path is not entirely determined yet, it's clear that TIBIA, Inc. is more than an exceptional massage therapy program. TIBIA offers an opportunity to experience transformation and make a difference in the world. When it's time, my transformational experience will begin with TIBIA!

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