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  • Southeast Wisconsin
  • November 2011
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Revolution Natural Running & Walking Center

As the Midwest's first and only shoe store dedicated solely to minimalist footwear, Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center in Wauwatosa is leading the way in bringing the minimalist running and walking movement to the mainstream in southeastern Wisconsin.

Opened this spring by certified pedorthist, marathoner and three-time Iron Man finisher Kyle Roberts, Revolution is a resource for runners and walkers of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The store carries nearly a dozen of the best brands in minimalist footwear, including Newton, Vibram, Kigo, Merrell, Inov-8 and more, as well as clothing, books, nutrition bars and other running accessories.

More than just a shoe store, Revolution offers state-of-the-art video gait analysis for its customers, and Roberts and his staff take the time to talk with each of their customers to learn about their needs and goals, their level of fitness and their challenges.

Revolution hosts regular running events and clinics that teach guests the basics of minimalism, which are put on by Revolution staff and a variety of expert guest presenters.

Roberts employs people who understand and have experienced the benefits of minimalist running, and the entire staff thrives on educating people on the benefits of wearing less shoe. Customers range from running enthusiasts who have been running in minimalist shoes for some time, to people who have seen the unmistakable Vibram FiveFingers on others around town and are curious about trying them or something similar for themselves.

"The bottom line is that everyone can benefit from wearing less of a shoe," says Roberts. "Most of us have incredibly weak feet because of all the cushioning and support we give them through the regular footwear we wear, and having weak feet leads to all kinds of problems with the ankles, knees, and back — really, with the whole body."

Roberts continues: "Our goal is to help people prevent injury and strengthen their feet by allowing their feet to do what nature intended them to do. By using our foot muscles — through walking and running barefoot or in minimalist footwear whenever possible — our feet grow stronger, and this improves our overall health and well-being."

Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center is located at 11702 North Ave., Wauwatosa. Learn more at or by calling (414) 988-5370.

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